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Why Addiction Has Taken Over Wall Street (and Where to Find Help)

Why Addiction Has Taken Over Wall Street (and Where to Find Help)

It seems that Wall Street gets a bad rap when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. There have been many people saying it is long overdue to evaluate the challenges of people on Wall Street or who are in the financial sector in light of addiction. Investment banking and finance are high risk, high reward professions which can push people over the edge. Find out why addiction is so high in this profession and how to support them finding help.

Grueling Schedules

The stress of grueling workdays and juggling other people’s billions of dollars turned people inward in a way nobody expected. Compulsive drinking, drugging, and eventually mental health challenges crept up on many people in the banking and finance industry. What people wanted was to feel alive and energetic, but fell into the shadows of their profession, hidden behind cubicles, numbers, and stats. Substance abuse starts to become a coping mechanism. Organizations themselves can heavily influence worker’s psychological processes and performance. As people become overtaxed, they start to struggle with control over their lives and bodies. They feel out of control and start using drugs and alcohol to cope.

Performance Deliverables

Even as finance and banking professionals seek to perform at higher levels, they begin to realize the bar keeps getting moved on them little by little. Their performance deliverables shift and change until they can no longer meet the needs of their boss or client. They seek to numb out using:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Stealing or gambling
  • Taking higher risks with client money

Taking pills to stay away night after night, working and pushing themselves finally take its toll.

Substance abuse is a way to push the body to the brink until they finally collapse.  

Seeking Help

Interventions can be successful for people who struggle with addiction in the banking and finance industry. Unlike other high-profile people, nobody wants an investment banker who is not going to be level headed and capable of handling their money. The industry is also full of stress and is a culture of high turnover when performance numbers are down. To stay on top of the game requires feeling better and able to handle the day-to-day transactions and stress.  Seeking help by going to detox can help heal a person’s addictive behaviors, address mental health issues, and support long-term recovery. The main goal is to help a person return to their profession when they finish working on recovery and start their life in sobriety.

Serenity is the right, safe place to pursue detox and recovery. We provide a nonjudgmental environment for people in finance, banking, and other professions to seek help for addiction. We care about helping you detox here and now, getting healthy, and then supporting you in finding where you want to work and how you want to move forward with your life. If you want help, call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401