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Is Stinger Detox Drink The Most Powerful Of Detox Products?

Is Stinger Detox Drink The Most Powerful Of Detox Products?

If you’ve been searching for the best detox drinks, you’ll find that most Stinger Detox reviews talk about a specific Stinger Detox Drink or variety. To make it easier for you, we’ll instead provide you with essential information about each beverage since they only actually have minute differences.

The Stinger Detox Company claims that their bottled drinks or so-called cleaners can flush out toxins efficiently. In the long run, it also became famous for light, moderate, and heavy marijuana users to pass urine drug tests. Whatever your reason is, keep in mind that not everyone can consume the drink, so make sure you check the manufacturer’s warning.

Additionally, Stinger isn’t the only detox brand and product available in the market, so make sure you understand what the product you plan to buy has to offer. Choosing the right one will give you a higher chance of achieving your goal without endangering your health or self.

Stinger Detox Company Review

Stinger Detox is a company located in Phoenix, Arizona that has been around for more than 25 years. Its state-of-the-art facility where its products are manufactured has the necessary Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration. That means it met the necessary safety requirements, standards, and guidelines for producing consumables.

Customer service-wise, Stinger Detox’s support team is available to answer your questions and attend to your concerns via phone at +1 (866) 961-8378. You can also fill out the form on the “Contact Us” tab found on their webpage.

As another proof of their excellent customer service, they have within-the-day, two-day, and Saturday shipping options. If there are issues with the unopened products you ordered, you can return them for a refund or replacement within 10 days. Of course, this policy comes with specific terms and conditions.

Stinger Detox Drinks Review

The Stinger detoxifying beverages are available in different flavors and varieties, including:

  • Whole Body One-Hour
  • Buzz 5x Extra Strength
  • 7 Day Permanent
  • Instant 5x Extra Strength


The Stinger Detox Drinks’ main ingredient of utmost importance is the company’s proprietary blend. Each bottle contains different dosages of which:

  • 7 Day Permanent: 25mg
  • 7 Day Extra Strength Permanent: 50mg
  • Whole Body One-Hour: 400mg
  • Buzz 5x Extra Strength: 600mg
  • Instant Regular Strength: 600mg
  • Instant 5x Extra Strength: 800mg

On that note, Stinger’s proprietary blend contains the following:

How Stinger Detox Drink Works for Weed Detox

From the list of active ingredients and as claimed by the manufacturer, Stinger Detox Drinks will work at your cells, where major toxin removal happens. The reason is that the ingredients are compounds already present in the system, so they have high bioavailability.

How to Use Stinger Detox Drinks

To use the drinks by Stinger Detox, the directions on how to use them are as follows:

7 Day Varieties

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Take one tablespoon of the drink twice a day, in the morning and once at night before your meal. You can consume it as is or add it to your favorite glass of juice or water.

Detoxification peaks after seven days of intake.

Whole Body, Buzz, and Instant Varieties

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Consume the whole detox bottle; two bottles for those weighing above 230 pounds or 104 kilograms.
  3. Refill the empty bottle with water, drink it, and then refill again until you consume at least four bottles of water.

In contrast to the 7 Day varieties, these detox drinks’ can cleanse the system within 60 to 90 minutes of consumption.

Stinger Detox Drinks Instructions for Use

For the 7 Day bottles, you must not use any pot and consume alcohol and toxin-rich consumables for a week, while 48 hours for the other varieties. You must also not consume dairy and milk, but drink lots of water and pee frequently.

These drinks by Stinger Detox should also not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women and those with underlying physical and mental conditions. Those who experience tremors, headaches, dizziness, palpitations, sleeplessness, and/or tingling sensations should also stop using it and consult a doctor.

Other Detox Products to Consider

The good thing about Stinger Detox is that they have lots of products to offer. To maximize the possible effects of Stinger Detox Drinks to pass drug tests, you can use it together with the SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator and Permacaps pills. On the other hand, if you aim to pass saliva tests for cannabis, they also have an alcohol-free mouthwash. Finally, for hair follicles test, consider their Folli-Kleen Hair Cleanser.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about Stinger Drinks is they’re available at a more affordable price than most similar products. It’s also great that you can choose from multiple flavors and varieties, allowing you to select which works best for your current needs and taste.

You also won’t have to worry about where to buy Stinger Detox Drinks or keep searching for a “Stinger retailer near me” because you can find them on the company’s website, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You also expect great customer service and are guaranteed of return and refund if there are issues with the product. Just make sure it’s unopened, and you meet the other terms and conditions of their purchase guarantee.

Unfortunately, not all flavors taste great, or you might not even like the taste if you’re picky. Plus, just like any detox product, you need to follow the instructions to the T for a higher chance of achieving your expected results. The drinks also contain artificial inactive ingredients, and some might experience side effects.

Does Stinger Detox Drinks Really Work?

You also need to know what previous consumers experienced to better understand how the product works, so here are some of them.

Positive Reviews

One purchaser who took the Whole Body variety said it worked, but you have to give yourself at least 90 minutes before the test.

Stinger detox review

Source: Amazon Reviews

Although one person hasn’t clearly stated they tested negative, the home test result after consuming Instant 5x showed a significant change as compared to the clear positive result before drinking it.

Stinger detox instruction

Source: Reddit Forum Answers

Negative Reviews

A purchaser who used the Whole Body variety said it didn’t work even if he consumed two bottles.

does Stinger detox really work

Source: Amazon Customer Reviews

A customer also claims the 7 Day Extra Strength didn’t work.

Stinger detox drug test

Source: eBay Reviews

Stinger Detox Drinks for THC Detox FAQs

How Long Does It Last?

The company clearly states that their detox drinks will work five hours after intake and last up to their expected peak times. Then, your system may again start producing any toxins.

Can Any Test Detect Stinger’s Presence in Your System?

Laboratories can detect most products, such as creatinine, used to help individuals beat urine drug analysis. But the Stinger beverages cannot be detected at this point since, technically speaking, they’re not masking agents, just body cleansing consumables.

The Verdict

The Stinger Detox Drink varieties mostly received 4 to 4.5 stars reviews on most online selling platforms, which means they can help you pass urine drug screening within a short period of use. The list of active ingredients also confirms that the beverages can enhance the normal detox process that the body undergoes, making it a powerful detox drink.

Although it’s not clear if the negative results obtained by those who tried the product are due to detoxification or just dilution, the company openly states that this isn’t a permanent solution. You also have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions, just like any other detox product or procedure.

Therefore, the best way to succeed or have a higher chance of testing negative for weed when using Stinger Drinks is to abstain from drugs and other toxin-rich food and drinks for a given period, drink plenty of water, and combine it with compatible detox products.


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