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Packing List

Try to keep in mind the Southern California weather when packing for your stay with us. Pack light and comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. It is also recommended that clothing items are washable and do not need dry cleaning. A light jacket is useful to wear in air-conditioned spaces and during the evenings when it can get a bit cold.

  • Modest sleepwear
  • Under garments
  • Modest beachwear – bathing suit and beach sandals
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Exercise clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Modest comfortable leisure-wear for everyday use
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bathrobe
  • Light weight jacket
  • Alcohol fee personal toiletries
  • Personal appliances – hair dryers, hair irons, tooth brushes etc.
  • Leisure items

Items that are not appropriate due to their sexual or offensive nature, and any items that contain alcohol will be confiscated and issue to the client upon discharge. Please contact your admissions counselor prior to admission to ask for more detailed information about any items in question.


  • Treatment Fees. Unless you made payment arrangements, payment in the form of a personal check, credit card transaction, cashier’s check or cash will be expected upon admission. If you pre-paid, please bring information on wire transfer transaction, check or any other payment sent prior to admission.
  • Personal Spending. We recommend that you bring additional funds to cover personal spending for incidental items such as cigarettes, snack, etc.
  • Prescription Drugs co-payments. Some insurance providers require clients to pay additional co-payments or deductibles for medication. We recommend that clients bring a credit card or additional funds in the amount of $500 to cover these charges.


Bring prescription medication dosage necessary during your travel plus one day. Our facility is not authorized by state regulatory agencies to manage your current medication. Medication prescribed by our staff physicians will be distributed through our pharmacy. We will attempt to bill your insurance for these medications. We recommend that you do not order new medication or refill any medication prior to traveling as insurance companies limit refill for a period of thirty day. Ordering or refilling prescriptions before traveling or within thirty days will limit your new medication claim and you may have to be responsible for payment.

Do Not Pack

The following is a list of items which we deem inappropriate while in treatment:

  • Inappropriate clothing. Items of clothing including the words alcohol, drugs, or offensive phrases, any excessively tight-fitting clothing, sheer or revealing clothing, micro-skirts or micro-shorts, etc.
  • Items exceeding $300 in value as a general rule
  • Jewelry
  • Items of any kind of use that include alcohol
  • Nail polish, nail polish remover, or glue
  • Weight loss pills, energy pills, caffeine products
  • Over the counter products
  • Weapons of any kind including pocket knives or utility knives
  • Sexual or offensive items in nature
  • Dry cleaning clothing


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