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Detoxification forms the foundation for successful addiction treatment. At Serenity Recovery Center, we understand the importance of a safe and comfortable detox process, which is why we provide a comprehensive and compassionate environment where our clients feel safe to surrender to the healing process. We set and maintain the highest standards of care in the substance abuse industry to ensure our clients are treated with support and dignity as they begin their recovery journey. With an array of modalities offered, our clients can tailor their detox program to their needs for the greatest odds of success in this vital initial step in their substance abuse treatment.

A Journey Begins with a Step

Recovery is a journey, rather than a snapshot. This ongoing process begins with a single step – and if you choose Serenity Recovery Center, the initial step means a detox program to eliminate your body of the substance and associated toxins to prepare it for the treatment work that lies ahead. While detox offers numerous benefits to those in search of sustainable sobriety, it can be intimidating to make that first phone call to begin the process.

One reason people are often hesitant to contact a detox treatment facility is due to their preconceived notions about the detoxification process. Some worry that the pain and discomfort frequently associated with detox will be more than they can handle, which might even prevent them from pursuing the treatment they need at all. While detox is often a necessary first step in addiction recovery, it doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you might think. The team at Serenity Recovery Center will take steps to ensure your detox is safe and as serene and comfortable as we can make it, giving you the highest odds of a successful first step and a positive treatment process overall.

The Importance of Effective Detox

Detoxification is the process of eliminating the abused substance from the body while managing the withdrawal symptoms as they arise. It is a necessary first step in addiction treatment because the substance must be eradicated to stabilize the mind and body that have been continually affected by substance abuse. When the substance is removed, the body responds by going into withdrawal, which is characterized by physical, mental and emotional symptoms. The more effectively these symptoms can be monitored, the safer and more successful detox will be.

While detox is a crucial first step, it will not successfully achieve long-term sobriety for most clients that do not follow up with a more extensive treatment plan. Once the physical aspect of addiction is addressed through detox, the psychological reasons behind the addiction can be explored to provide long-lasting recovery and a lower risk for relapse. Some detox programs will include psychological therapies and other modalities to ensure clients have a positive start to the rest of their addiction treatment process.

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The Right Start

The residential detox program at Serenity Recovery Detox is designed to provide our clients with the best possible start as they embark on their recovery journey. Our peaceful setting allows you to focus on your treatment surrounded by a capable staff ready to address any potential needs and medical concerns that might arise throughout your treatment process. The benefits of a residential program like the one at Serenity Recovery Detox may include:

  • Increased comfort, as we can help you manage even the most uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • Constant medical monitoring to ensure your detox is both safe and as comfortable as possible
  • Because there is no easy access to the substance, relapse risk is very minimal
  • Complications may be identified and treated promptly
  • The detox process is often shorter in this environment than when it is attempted at home

What is Included in Our Detox Program?

The comprehensive detox program at Serenity Recovery Center features a variety of components that allow us to tailor plans to the individual needs of our clients:

Supervised Detox

Your safety, comfort and emotional balance is our priority. Our staff is committed to creating an environment that encourages respect, compassion, tranquility and harmony. The Serenity Recovery Center features luxury accommodations and the highest level of care to offer our clients the best medical protocols and therapies in the substance abuse industry.

Medical Protocols

We have staff dedicated to addressing the psychological aspects of detox. Our certified therapists encourage self-esteem and confidence while providing clients the tools to continue to the next step in their recovery. Our qualified staff will tailor a program specific to you that will address your precise issues including comfort levels, medical requirements and emotional needs.

Psychological Therapies

We believe that while the body is going through challenges and confusion on a chemical level, the patient often experiences powerful emotions of guilt, shame and despair. These emotions can be dealt with using comprehensive psychological therapy. Our master level clinicians have experience and knowledge in the field to encourage greater self-esteem, confidence and overall improved health.

Alternative Treatments

Serenity Recovery Center also offers non-traditional therapies to assist with your medical and psychological needs, including our holistic program that helps to heal the mind and body. Our holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, yoga and meditation are successful in providing comfort and stimulating the innate healing power of the body. In addition to the variety of elements we include in our detox program, we also offer discharge planning to help you remain on your continuum of care once you leave our center. We are committed to helping each of our clients find the best fit in addiction treatment after detox to ensure the best odds of a successful, long-term recovery.

Why Choose Serenity Recovery Center?

Serenity Recovery Center offers clients the ability to focus on the detox process in a tranquil environment where support and compassion are critical components to your success and ours. We feature one of the lowest staff-to-client ratios in the industry to ensure you receive the personalized care necessary to succeed in the first phase of your recovery journey. To learn more about our center or our program, contact Serenity Recovery Center today.

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