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Your addiction will not resemble anyone else’s, and to combat it, at a minimum, you will need professional help. However, not all addiction recovery centers and treatment methods will work equally well to help you achieve sobriety. You will need a recovery solution tailored to your specific needs, but one that provides more than clinical care.

The Serenity Recovery Center takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery. We treat the totality of your addiction problem and address all aspects that have contributed to it — your personality, personal history and behaviors; but we don’t treat you like a patient. We treat you like a person.

Our vision for your recovery relies on three primary pathways towards wellness — compassionate medical care which provides comfort while breaking your dependency, psychiatric therapy which emphasizes understanding and builds confidence and alternative therapies which promote life-long wellness. This many-fold approach gives you the highest likelihood of recovery.

Compassionate Medical Care

Breaking your chemical dependency can be among the most challenging aspects of your recovery. Your body may experience a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms ranging widely in severity, while you will also experience many different emotions, from anger and frustration to exhaustion and despair.

While our doctors will monitor your progress carefully and do what they can to minimize your symptoms and pain, one of the most crucial aspects of our care is to treat all our patients with compassion. Offering compassionate care can make a crucial difference in a patient’s recovery.

Compassionate care will not only help make your detox experience more comfortable, but it will also gradually help change the way you think about your addiction, fostering patience, hope and perseverance — skills which will help sustain you during your detox stay and also well afterward.

Psychological Therapy with Understanding

A strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth can help you stay sober after your detox and addiction treatment. You have made difficult choices and worked hard to achieve your wellness, and you will need to continue to rely on these inner sources of strength after treatment.

By providing an open, caring and judgment-free environment in which to discuss difficult and often painful issues, The Serenity Recovery Center can enable you to deal with the roots of your addiction more expediently and effectively.

Through the many opportunities you will have to interact with our care staff and your peers, you will begin to develop the social, situational and inter-personal skills that will help you deal with the momentary stress and temptations you will face every day after recovery.

Helping you understand your personal challenges and struggles — by being understanding — and arming you with effective strategies to deal with them will give you not just one, but many ways to continue to combat addiction and lengthen your sobriety.

Centering Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments — such as the arts, meditation and yoga — have two main goals. First, these practices help you increase your emotional and physical self-awareness which allow you to make healthier, proactive decisions rather than unhealthy, reactive decisions when faced with pain, stress or trauma.

Second, these practices, when performed on a consistent basis, can be their own source of pleasure, comfort, self-expression and meaningful connection with others which can mitigate your needs to turn to drugs and alcohol.

The Serenity Recovery Center wants you to achieve a long-lasting sobriety, so we encourage these addiction treatment methods because they can not only help you achieve sobriety, but they can also help you sustain it long after you have left treatment.

Whole-person Care Can Give You Long-lasting Results

The Serenity Recovery Center strongly believes that a holistic approach to detox and addiction recovery — one that combines compassion, understanding and self-awareness with clinical care — will not only give those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse a more comfortable detox, but also a qualitatively better one.

A holistic approach recognizes addiction as a human problem, that affects every aspect of one’s life and responds by providing tools appropriate to combat it in all its forms. Most importantly, this approach encourages those recovering from addiction to cultivate patience, forgiveness and kindness towards oneself, and this positive mindset can make even the most difficult challenges you face achievable.

Call The Serenity Recovery Center today at 866.294.9401 to discuss how a holistic approach to addiction recovery can help you end your addiction and begin a new, drug-free life.

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