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Insurances Accepted

Insurances Accepted

Federal law requires insurance companies to cover drug and alcohol treatment — also known as “substance use disorders” — just as they would cover other medical conditions. Behavioral health treatment, as well as inpatient services for behavioral and mental health treatment, must also be covered under provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Your insurance company will outline your entitlements under its “behavioral health benefits” package coverage section. Coverage can range anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of your total costs, depending on the insurance plan you have selected.

However, before enjoying your benefits, a managed care representative must approve both your substance use disorder care provider and care plan. Talk to your insurance provider to verify details of your coverage. In many cases, you may need to pay only your co-payment or deductible to receive treatment.

Call The Serenity Recovery Center with your insurance provider information to discuss your coverage.

If your insurance plan does not cover the care you need, The Serenity Recovery Center will work with you to help make your treatment affordable. Call The Serenity Recovery Center if you would like more information about insurance coverage, or if you have questions specific to your provider.


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