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Detoxification can be a frightening and overwhelming process, but it is also a necessary first step on the journey to recovery and long-term sobriety. To ensure you have all the required support for safe and successful detox, Serenity Recovery Center offers a complete continuum of care to meet your needs and maintain your comfort as you proceed through this critical stage of your treatment. By addressing the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of our clients, we can put them on a positive track to a healthy recovery and a higher quality of life.

About Detoxification

Detoxification is necessary, but it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of the recovery process. There are numerous steps to the detox process, and each needs to be managed with great care to ensure the patient completes one before moving to the next. In addition, the physical and psychological symptoms of detox can be painful and even life-threatening in some situations. Constant supervision is often necessary to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the process.

Physical symptoms of detox might include:

  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Watery eyes and runny nose
  • Muscle aches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors and seizures
  • Paranoia and hallucinations

While some of these symptoms may be relatively mild, others can be painful and even dangerous at times. Medical supervision is essential during the detoxification process to ensure the patient is safe and as comfortable as possible until the drugs have been eliminated from the body. Once that is completed, Serenity Recovery Center will provide the assistance necessary to select the treatment center that will take you to the next step in your recovery process.

About Our Programs

At Serenity Recovery Center, we tailor our programs to the precise needs of the individual client to ensure the best possible outcomes in detox and preparation to take the next treatment step. To accommodate our clients through every phase of the detox process, we offer the following:

Admissions and Intake

Our goal is to make your initial contact with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Providing you with a detox plan customized to your needs begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your addiction and the issues surrounding it. The assessment is not rushed for this reason; instead, we take the time to truly understand your situation and provide the support and treatment modalities that meet your needs best.

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Medical Detox and Stabilization

During your detox, you will receive constant observation and the highest level of medical care from our trained staff.

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Alternative Care and Treatment

No two clients are exactly alike, which is why no two treatment programs are structured identically. We offer different treatment modalities and alternative options that allow us to tailor your treatment for the best possible outcome.

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Case Management

Detox is typically the starting point of a recovery process that may include a variety of treatment programs and options. The staff at Serenity Recovery Center provides full support, structure and accountability to ensure our clients’ ongoing success in their treatment process.

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Discharge Planning

Once detox is complete, we provide the resources necessary to find the appropriate next step in their recovery journey.

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Our programs feature everything you need to begin your recovery process in a compassionate and dignified environment where your comfort and safety will be our top priorities.

About Our Team

The goal of providing our clients with a full continuum of care throughout the detox process requires a broad range of specialists to meet the various needs and concerns that might arise. Serenity Recovery Center features an expert staff of professionals that includes psychiatrists, medical doctors, registered nurses, and addictionologist (certified providers in the field of addiction medicine). All our team members have the credentials, training, and experience to provide you with peace-of-mind as you or a loved one goes through a medical detox and prepares for the rest of the treatment process.

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About Our Facility

Our facility, located within the Encino Hospital Medical Center is designed for comfort and privacy, featuring a relaxed environment where patients can surrender to the detox process. It is essential for individuals to have sufficient time to manage symptoms and reconnect with themselves through detox, which provides the best preparation for a more extensive treatment plan. Serenity Recovery Center offers that within our private rooms, public spaces, and outdoor environments where clients can rest and take the time necessary to begin their healing journey.

Our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and entertainment centers that feature TV cable and movie access. Our common areas are spacious and decorated with modern furnishings that add to the relaxed feeling of the center. Our outdoor courtyard is both private and comfortable, allowing clients to enjoy the temperate weather of Southern California.

About Our Clients

Serenity Recovery Center offers a welcoming environment for clients of all ages and walks of life. Most of our clients are attending detox for the first time, which can feel like a frightening and overwhelming experience. We will take every step necessary to put you at ease as you embark on your treatment journey.

Clients struggling with an addiction and a mental illness simultaneously can also come to our center and get all the help and support they need. Our staff is experienced in working with dual diagnosis clients and will promptly assess the precise treatment protocols necessary to address both conditions safely at the same time.

Individuals that have experienced a relapse in their recovery have not failed in the process. Instead, they have encountered a lapse in their treatment, which can be remedied through another detox and adjustment in the treatment protocol. We will help clients that have fallen back into addiction return to the road to recovery and move forward to long-term sobriety.

The treatment journey often begins with detox, and that is where Serenity Recovery Center can make all the difference. No matter what your medical, psychological, and emotional needs might be, we are equipped and ready to walk you through the process and put you on a healthy road to successful treatment and recovery. To get the help you or a loved one needs today, contact Serenity Recovery Center at 844-339-6964.

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