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Detoxification forms the foundation for successful treatment

At Serenity Recovery Center we provide a comprehensive, comfortable and compassionate environment where clients feel safe to surrender to the healing process.

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Detoxification accounts for the initial phase of addiction treatment, but it can also be one of the most challenging. Eliminating the toxins of drugs and alcohol can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining, and even life-threatening in some situations. You need constant support and care throughout this process, ensuring your detox is both safe and effective. At Serenity Recovery Center, we understand both the importance and difficulty associated with the detox process. Our client-centered approach is designed to make detox as comfortable as possible by meeting your psychological and physical needs in an environment that is both safe and supportive.

Serenity Recovery Center provides a compassionate, comfortable and comprehensive approach to detox that ensures you are fully prepared for your treatment and recovery ahead. Our facility at Encino Hospital Medical Center offers private and relaxed accommodations where you can explore many facets of your addiction to find the best path to wholeness and long-term sobriety. Our environment allows ample time for self-discovery and relaxation, preparing you for the next steps in the recovery process.

Our Vision & Commitment to Care

At Serenity Recovery Center, a Drug Addiction Treatment Center we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of client care available in the substance abuse industry today. We offer proven psychological therapy, medical protocols and alternative treatment modalities to help our clients successfully detox from drugs and alcohol. Our recourses are continuously improving to fulfill our client’s needs best, providing the maximum support needed during treatment.

We believe the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol and drug detoxification can be managed to accomplish a higher level of comfort for all our clients. While the body is going through the challenge and confusion on a chemical level, the client may also experience powerful emotions of guilt, shame and despair. We offer comprehensive psychological therapy to address these issues while providing non-conventional therapies to assist our medical and psychological treatment programs

Our Program

Through a comprehensive continuum of care, we can provide our clients with all the tools necessary to support you throughout the detox process and into the next step of your treatment. We are committed to encouraging you and lifting your spirits as you progress through one of the most significant journeys of your life. Through a variety of treatment options and modalities, we can customize a plan that meets you right where you are to ensure the best odds of success. The following components are included in our treatment program at Serenity Recovery Center:

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Supervised Detox

Our expert medical staff offers comprehensive medical services along with continuous supervision to ensure your detox is safe and comfortable. We understand the vulnerability that accompanies this initial stage of your treatment and will provide all the support necessary to get you through this phase until you are ready to proceed with the next part of the recovery process.
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Psychological Therapies

Detox and addiction treatment is a complex process that must include addressing the psychological effects of addiction as well as the physical impact. Our staff includes a team of professionals that are equipped to address all the psychological challenges of detox and prepare clients for the treatment work ahead. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem in each of our clients, so they have the strength and tools to draw from as they move to a life of long-term sobriety.
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Medical Protocols

The medication aspect of addiction treatment is one that needs to be managed carefully during the detox stage of treatment. Our certified medical staff offers customized treatments designed to focus on your specific concerns, including medical requirements for both detox and co-occurring disorders, physical needs and comfort levels and emotional issues that might arise during the detox process.
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Alternative Treatments

No two clients are exactly alike, which is why treatment programs need to be tailored to the precise needs of the individual. In addition to our medical and psychological therapies, we also offer non-conventional modalities to assist with those needs. Our holistic program is successful in providing comfort and stimulating the innate healing power of the body, using effective therapies like meditation, acupuncture and yoga.
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What Makes Us Different

The staff at Serenity Recovery Center is committed to providing comprehensive detox treatment in a comfortable, compassionate and dignified environment where clients feel safe to surrender to the healing process of recovery. We treat each person that comes to our center as an individual, not as a number, ensuring you have all the empathy and acceptance necessary to move forward with the addiction treatment process. Our concern for human dignity is one of the primary characteristics of Serenity Recovery Center that sets us apart from other detox centers. Serenity Recovery Center offers a variety of additional benefits to our clients as well:

Customized Programs
At Serenity Recovery Center, we will never address you as just a number. Your needs are unique, and your treatment plan needs to be individualized as well. Our team has the experience and qualifications to address every aspect of your needs, customizing a program that will work the best for you. We combine psychological therapies and medical protocols with a variety of holistic treatment options to ensure you receive all the support and tools you need to overcome withdrawal and address the emotional burdens that frequently accompany the detox process.
Full Support on All Levels
While the medical aspects of detox need to be carefully supervised, this is not the only issue facing clients desiring to eliminate the toxins from their body. Emotional trauma is another obstacle that must be overcome to progress in the treatment process, whether it comes in the form of shame, guilt or depression. We understand the need to address detox on different levels, and we are prepared to help clients face difficult emotions even while working through the physiological needs of detox. Our qualified team of therapists, clinicians and medical providers will provide you will all the tools necessary to continue to the next steps of recovery.
Professionals to Handle Every Aspect of Your Treatment Process
At Serenity Recovery Center, we staff a full team of experienced professionals to handle all your needs throughout your time at our center. Our medical doctors and nurses, board-certified psychiatrists and addictionologists all work synergistically to provide you with a full continuum of comprehensive care. Our experienced staff will create a customized detoxification plan tailored to relevant and specific issues, medical requirements and emotional needs. We provide an array of therapies to accomplish a safe and successful detox treatment.
Surroundings that Exude Privacy and Comfort
Serenity Recovery Center is specifically designed to provide private and relaxed accommodations against the safe and comfortable environment of Encino Hospital Medical Center. Our rooms include entertainment centers equipped with TV, cable and movie access, private bathrooms and modern, comfortable furnishings. We provide an environment that allows our clients to relax and reconnect with themselves, motivating them to move ahead to the next steps of recover.

Will Serenity Recovery Center Meet Your Needs?

Serenity Recovery Center provides appropriate treatment to clients that are going through treatment for the first time and those that have experienced a relapse. We are also equipped to handle the complexities of a dual diagnosis, a situation where an addiction and mental illness exist at the same time. While detox can seem like an overwhelming process, we walk every step with you to maintain a safe and comfortable experience. To learn more about our treatment options, contact Serenity Recovery Center today.

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