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Do Drug Detox Kits Actually Work? Everything About Detox Pills For Drug Test

Do Drug Detox Kits Actually Work? Everything About Detox Pills For Drug Test



Detox drinks that work via dilution are the mainstay for beating a urine drug test. These work by diluting the drug metabolites with an excessive amount of water rather than by actual detoxing to naturally cleanse the body which can only be done through abstinence for periods of one week to one month before the test date. With dilution, the missing b-vitamins and creatine are replaced by their presence in the detox pill so that the blood or urine does not appear to dilute during tests for cannabis and other drugs.

Detox Pills For Drug Test

These are some of the reasons you may have to take a drug test:

  • Medical test for psychiatric evaluation
  • In the court system
  • Testing or employment, especially for department of transportation jobs that allow for no medical exemptions such as for driving tractor trailers
  • Testing in order to participate in sports or after doping allegations
  • Parents sometimes test their children
  • Halfway houses or rehab programs test clients
  • Getting into college

Before you use a detox product, make sure it is legal to use in your jurisdiction. Some states outlaw detox products.

What are Cleansing Pills?

Cleansing pills are usually essentially the same ingredients as are contained in detox drinks, they just don’t have the water already added. They contain creatine, b-vitamins, diuretics, and other masking substances like zinc without the water added and then they will instruct you to take the appropriate amount of water along with the detox pills. Most cleansing pills still work by means of dilution.

Cleansing pills usually have more instructions than detox drinks. They usually require a period of abstinence as well and this is one means by which they help the user to get the desired result on an upcoming drug test.

Flush Pills For Different Users

For Marijuana users.

Marijuana is the most difficult drug to clear the system of. This is because marijuana can hide out in fat cells for up to 3 months. Most other drugs will leave the system within a week.

THC can stay in saliva for up to 12 hours. A peroxide mouth rinse can be used for saliva tests.

detox pills for drug test

What pill regimen you will need will depend on how often you smoke and how much fat you have on your body. To be certain first though, you should be choosing a simple dilution regimen of a drink like Mega Clean or the detox pills which contain the same ingredients, Instant Clean by Detoxify to be taking 2 hours before your test as your main means of keeping your medical information private aka beating a drug test. Once you have that squared away, you may want to use an extended detox like Toxin Rid along with it for added security.

For methamphetamine tests: It is said that a baking soda cleanse is effective in the case of altering the results of a methamphetamine test. For methamphetamine tests, pills that increase the alkalinity of the urine are preferred.

Possible Side Effects

Be sure to read the warnings on any detox products you may consider using.

Unexpected allergic reaction – detox pill kits may contain many unique ingredients including rare herbs and other substances that you may not often encounter as part of a regular diet. One might be unaware if one had an allergy to these substances. Therefore, if you have had unexpected allergies in the past, perhaps take a small amount of the product beforehand to check for any reaction, before taking a full dose.

There was one documented case study of psychosis after taking an herbal detox product.[1] Keep in mind this is a rare reaction.  A 19-year-old man had taken a detox product before an employment drug screen. This led to a two-day odyssey of delusions and hallucinations about helping the FBI target phantom gang members he had been hallucinating around his parents’ house.  His case was written up in a case study published in the Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders. He was directed to the psychiatric unit and a drug test revealed a small amount of marijuana and benzodiazepine in his system, this is likely what he was trying to conceal by using a detox product. In the end, he was given an antipsychotic and released. At follow-up 6 months later, he had no residual psychotic symptoms. Therefore, he was having a temporary case of psychosis possibly as a very rare reaction to one of the ingredients in the detox product and the marijuana in his system. He had taken Premium Detox by Herbal Clean. None of the ingredients of the product are associated with causing significant side effects taken separately. Therefore, if you have allergies or chemical sensitivities, choose a detox kit that doesn’t have a high number of ingredients you haven’t used before. Most foods contain b-vitamins, creatine, and/or salt, so those alone are not dangerous. Look out for fancy herbs with unrecognizable names.

Injury to organs -Some detox pill kits have too many herbs and may overload the liver and kidneys.  Choose a detox pill kit with a simple mechanism of action.

Water intoxication – Some detox kits will simply tell you to drink massive amounts of water. This can cause water intoxication and electrolyte imbalance which can be fatal. Drinking gallons of water quickly will not cause THC or any other drug to leave the body at a faster rate. It will just dilute the blood and urine. This dilution can be detected if your detox kit is ineffective.

Hypervitaminosis – You can accidentally consume too many vitamins while taking a detox product. Taking too much niacin for example can be harmful to the liver.

Legal issues – Trying to beat a drug test can be illegal in some jurisdictions. Buying, making, transporting, or using a detox kit can be illegal under some circumstances. Check the laws in your area before trying any type of detox method.

Niacin overdose. As mentioned before, it is possible to overdose on vitamins. One vitamin which can cause an overdose is niacin. Too much niacin is toxic to the liver.[2] Niacin overdose may be a concern after levels exceed more than 2 grams per day. Some detox products contain excess niacin due to the fact that niacin was used in the past to beat older drug tests. It is no longer believed to be effective to beat newer drug tests.

Diarrhea – Diarrhea is often expected of a detox regimen. Detox pills may cause an uptick in gastric motility either as a primary effect or a side effect.

Stomach laceration – There was a case report of a user using so much baking soda in an attempt to beat a methamphetamine test, he suffered a stomach rupture.[3]  We have confirmed that using baking soda can help change the results of a test for methamphetamine and that using too much can cause the stomach to rupture.

Imbalance of electrolytes – your body has a natural balance of water, sugar, and salts that make up your electrolyte balance. If you drink too much water, pee too much water, drink too much salt or creatine, or take too much of any other substance your electrolytes can become imbalanced. Symptoms of electrolyte imbalance include muscle cramps, seizures, shaking, and headaches.

What are the best detox pills for weed?

Detox pills should work by either abstinence or dilution. That means it should either simply give you a number of days to abstain while taking the product sufficient that the substance will have left your system or it should acutely dilute the substances present in your urine by being active within 2 hours of your drug test.

Pills that flush weed out of your system

detox pills for weed

# 1 Detoxify Instant Clean with Meta Boost contains b-vitamins, electrolytes, and creatine and is our number one choice. Follow directions.

thc detox pills

# 2 Herbal Clean Q Caps contain electrolytes, creatine, and b-vitamins. This is sufficient, but it lacks zinc which helps.

same day cleanse

# 3 Stinger makes Stinger Total Detox. These are to be taken one hour and a half before a drug test. It needs to be taken with 24 to 32 ounces of water to be effective. It contains b-vitamins and creatine.

weed detox pill

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid is one of the most popular detox supplements. Unfortunately, it lacks one requirement of a detox supplement which has to be used the day of the test, creatine.  However, the ten-day course requires that you abstain from drugs for ten days, and this alone is sufficient to cause most drugs to detox from the average person’s system, with the exception of heavy marijuana use.

Toxin Rid contains herbs, minerals, and electrolytes.


Pre-Rid Capsules:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Kelp
  • Iron
  • Chloride from sea minerals
  • Calcium
  • Boron
  • Alfalfa Leaf Extract

Detox Liquid-solution:

  • Sulfate
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Lithium
  • Chloride
  • Boron

A final ingredient is psyllium husk powder, a fiber to increase regularity or add extra fiber to the diet.


  1. Each day of the 10-day course, swallow 3 capsules of the pre rid capsules every hour for 5 hours. This is believed to detox the system; however, there is no evidence that consuming these capsules will cause any drug to come out of your system sooner than normal.
  2. On the day of the test, consume ½ of the detox liquid with two cups of water 4 hours before your test.
  3. Two hours later take the rest of the detox liquid with another 16 ounces of water. At this juncture, you should also take 2 to 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and either b-vitamin complex, a multi-vitamin, or a large piece of red meat so that your creatinine levels don’t come back as dilute. This should be done exactly two hours before your urine drug test.
  4.  Now take the fiber with 16 ounces of water and drink it.
Pros Cons
  • The 10-day course will give you ten days of abstinence.
  • The electrolytes will help stop you from getting a dilute reading back from the lab.
  • Diuretic effects will help you produce more urine for your drug test.
  • Dietary fiber will help get edibles out of your system if you have consumed edible drugs.
  • It requires ten days of abstinence. You may not have that much notice before a urine drug test.
  • Marijuana may take longer than ten days to detox if the use was heavy.
  • Toxin Rid can be expensive.
  • Do not come with creatine or b-vitamins to help you successfully dilute urine without it coming back as invalid.

Ultra THC Detox Pills

ultra thc detox pills

Ultra THC Detox is popular. It contains only diuretic herbs, without creatine or b-vitamins.

Pros Cons
  • Contains effective diuretics
  • Promoted by Leafly and Maxim
  • Doesn’t have creatine
  • Doesn’t have b-vitamins
  • You can’t be sure if you will have an allergic, kidney, or liver reaction to the various herbs

Same Day Cleanse Pills

Most companies that offer a detox drink with b-vitamins, creatine, and electrolytes also offer same-day cleanse pills because they are essentially the same formula, add water.

Additional Information

You should look for detox pills that have the following aspects:

  1. Works by dilution. Dilution is the only scientifically validated means of beating a urine drug test. Dilution works by diluting drug metabolites with water such that the test detects less drug per ounce of urine. Then the b-vitamins replace the color and smell of the urine so that it is not flagged as dilute, the electrolytes and creatine help make sure the specific gravity and creatinine values come out normally.
  2. Zinc helps interfere with tests for cocaine, methamphetamine, THC, and possibly other drugs so choose a product that contains zinc.[4][5]
  3. Choose a product with a normal diuretic like green tea or cranberry juice so that you don’t have any surprise reactions to rare ingredients.


Check your local laws before buying a detox product. Detox products are outlawed in some jurisdictions.

These nine states ban anything they consider an ‘adulterant’.

  1. Maryland
  2. Nebraska
  3. North Carolina
  4. Arkansas
  5. Illinois
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. South Carolina
  9. Virginia

These states have laws against delivering a detox product:

  1. Texas
  2. Louisiana

In these states, anyone selling detox products may have committed a crime:

  1. Florida
  2. New Jersey
  3. Kentucky

Other states may interpret laws such as against forgery as a law that outlaws detox products.


Q:  Do detox pills work for weed?
A: Indeed.

Q: What are the best detox pills to pass a drug test?
A: Instant Clean by Detoxify has all the ingredients needed for dilution, plus zinc to help your drug test come out as desired.

Q:  Will water pills help you pass a drug test?
A: Yes, make sure they have b-vitamins, creatine, and electrolytes (salt).

Q:  What pills can clean your system from weed?
A: Herbal Clean Super Q Caps and Instant Clean by Detoxify are two which have all the needed ingredients.

Additional Information

detox pills for thc

Abstaining from drugs for one week will flush most drugs from the system naturally. Cannabis can be detectable in urine for up to a month.

Can they tell I took detox pills?

Most detox pills only contain normal herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are present in a normal diet. B-vitamins, creatine, and electrolytes are necessary for all normal bodily functions.


  1. Discontinue drug use as soon as you can.
  2. Take your detox pills with sufficient water 120 to 90 minutes before the test.
  3. Don’t leave incriminating evidence of detox in plain sight. People have been prosecuted after being ratted out by those whose business it is not to police other people’s bodies.


If you’re unsure about what to do, just get Instant Clean by Detoxify and follow the directions on the box. If you want to do dilution by yourself at home, just eat a large amount of steak and drink about 32 ounces of Gatorade about two hours before your test.  A large amount of steak contains b-vitamins, creatine, and salt. Steak contains 2.3 grams of creatine per pound and that’s about the dose needed so you will need a lot of steaks.


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