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How Does Dental Care Relate to Addiction (and Recovery)?

There is a hidden mouth-body connection that often gets missed when discussing nutrition and health. The mouth is the gateway for the entire body. Dental health provides clues to underlying health issues. For people in recovery from addiction, dental care is key to keeping the entire mind and body healthy. Microbiome and Health Dental healthcareRead More

How Are Painkillers Addictive?

People suffer from painkiller addiction all over the world yet it is not as well understood as some might think. This can create a lack of sympathy for the condition of addiction that creeps up on people who have legitimate prescriptions for pain. Many people who are prescribed painkillers find addiction happens before they realizeRead More

Avoid the Empathy Trap with These Helpful Tips

Empathy is what makes people human, it also makes us understand one another better if we can feel and recognize the challenge of each others’ circumstances. More importantly, empathy is being compelled to help someone else in need. It can also get us in trouble when a loved one struggles with addiction. Our initial responseRead More

Nothing Changes if You Don’t Take the First Step

Finding a way to move past ‘stuckness’ can take some time. Nothing will change, however, if you don’t even bother taking the first step. That first step is everything when it comes to recognizing addiction, figuring out what to do next, and how to take the steps necessary to get help. If you do nothing,Read More

Why is Heroin Addiction Hitting Suburbia So Hard?

The past decade has seen a huge increase in heroin addiction within the United States. At an all-time high, more than 4 million Americans as young as 12 and above have used heroin. The epidemic has reached into far corners of America, surprising even experts and families who never thought it could happen to them.Read More

Try These 5 Natural Ways to Beat Addiction

Addiction is a serious challenge for millions of people worldwide. Addiction is chronic, meaning it is a condition that needs to be managed for a lifetime in recovery. There is no panacea, quick fix, one-stop shopping for what will work. Something may work for a time, then adjustments need to be made as life, body,Read More

What is Adderall and Why Do People Become Addicted?

The origin of Adderall can be a mystery to some people. While it may have legitimate medical uses, the drug can have devastating consequences when abused or used improperly. Learn more about Adderall and why it is some people become addicted. Adderall The brand name for a prescription drug containing two stimulants, Adderall is usedRead More

Childhood Bullying Can Have a Lasting Impact: Here’s Why

Bullying is a phenomena that children seem to experience from peers, regardless of age. It negatively impacts self-esteem, confidence, and can even have lasting psychological impacts on a person’s mental health long term. Not only can it be harmful in the days, weeks, and months following bullying, it may actually last well into adulthood. LearnRead More