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Is it Time to Rebrand Your Life?

There is a lot of buzz surrounding personal branding. Lots of focus goes into consistency and dependability. The reality is people are far more complex than they have you believe and when it comes to your life, it is not so easy to rebrand yourself. Although you may be complex and have lots of interests,Read More

What is a Teetotaler and How Does it Help My Recovery?

A teetotaler is someone who has vowed to completely give up all alcohol and substances in recovery. Society stigmatizes people who have addiction while at the same time seems to glamorize drinking, telling everyone how fun it is to go ‘out on the town. The moment a teen turns 21, they can drink legally, usuallyRead More

What is Addiction and Detox from Cough Syrup All About?

Codeine is a prescription opioid drug that works to treat mild pain symptoms. It also acts as a cough suppressant but has a high rate of abuse, garnering it a spot on the Schedule III list of closely monitored drugs by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). find out why addiction to codeine, found in coughRead More