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Supervised Detox

When a person is ready to stop using drugs or alcohol, the first step is usually detoxification of the substance from the person’s system. Detox is a process that provokes anxiety and fear in many individuals, often to the point where they are afraid to stop using due to the withdrawal symptoms that might ensue. However, supervised detox is a way to eliminate drugs and alcohol, while keeping the person as comfortable as possible throughout the process. This treatment also ensures any medical concerns that might arise during detox will be promptly addressed, to provide a safe process no matter how intense the withdrawal symptoms might get.

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What does supervised detox entail?

Supervised detox, also known as medically supervised detox, is the ability to eliminate the toxins from your body in a controlled, caring environment. Experienced staff members are present throughout the process to monitor your progress, administer medication when appropriate, and provide any other needed medical care. At the same time, supervised detox incorporates holistic and psychological therapies, including individual and group counseling, to help the individual understand addiction and begin a safe and healthy path to long-lasting recovery.

What does the treatment look like?

Supervised detox integrates a variety of treatment options designed to keep the client safe and comfortable throughout the process. Some of the elements of an effective detox treatment program might include:

  • Constant monitoring of the client to ensure symptoms are manageable
  • Steps to minimizing uncomfortable symptoms to make the process more tolerable
  • Medication when appropriate to deal with the most severe or dangerous withdrawal symptoms
  • Management of any medical conditions that could be affected by the detox process
  • Management of mental disorders that accompany the addiction, known as a dual diagnosis
  • Creation of a discharge plan that typically involves continuation of treatment in a designated rehabilitation facility

Because each client and detox process is unique, this treatment program must be tailored to the individual needs of the client. At Serenity Recovery Detox, we cater to each client to ensure the safest and most successful detox possible.

Who needs supervised detox?

Withdrawal symptoms from some substances can be dangerous and even life-threatening, necessitating supervised detox to ensure a safe process. These substances include alcohol, which tends to produce some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepines, such as Valium and Ativan, can also lead to a potentially unsafe detox without medical supervision.

Withdrawal from opioids like prescription opiates and heroin is not usually dangerous, but it can be very uncomfortable. Supervised detox is essential to making this process tolerable enough to be successful. Detox from stimulants, including cocaine and prescription drugs like Ritalin, can lead to depression that may be severe enough to cause suicidal ideation or self-harm.

One of the hardest aspects of the detox process is the intense cravings people often get for the substance during those early days of withdrawal. When detox is attempted without supervision, it can be nearly impossible for individuals to fight through those cravings on their own. In a treatment facility without access to drugs or alcohol, the process is much more likely to be successful, preparing individuals for the next step in their treatment and recovery journey.

Benefits of Supervised Detox

To capitalize on all the potential benefits of supervised detox, it is essential to choose a program that specializes in this phase of the treatment process. Not all programs or centers are created equal, and it pays to do your research before choosing the right facility for you.

There are many reasons why supervised detox can be the best first step on your road to long-lasting recovery:

  • Constant supervision to address medical issues as soon as they arise
  • Medication to manage the most severe withdrawal symptoms
  • The ability to manage other disorders or conditions at the same time
  • Supportive environment without access to drugs or alcohol
  • Therapy options to prepare for the next step in the treatment process
  • Higher odds for a successful treatment and recovery process overall

Finding the Right Program for You

Serenity Recovery Detox offers a comprehensive, supervised detox program that can be tailored to the precise needs of each client. No matter what substance you have been using, we have the staff and expertise to guide you safely and comfortably through the detox process. Our team is committed to providing our clients the compassion, respect and tranquility necessary to achieve success during this initial phase of your recovery. To learn more, contact Serenity Recovery Detox.

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