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What is Sub-Acute Detox?

Addiction can, itself, be an acute condition which presents the individual with intense symptoms and side effects. The side effects include withdrawal pains, which can sometimes be life-threatening. Medical supervision may be needed to make sure the person can detox in a controlled environment which helps treat acute addiction systems.

How it Works

A number of different detox settings may be considered appropriate for a person who has addiction. Families may be tempted to choose a program that offers the smallest number of options or a high number of restrictions. Experts suggest a person with addiction needs the right experience in a caring setting that does not infringe on personal freedoms, while keeping them safe from harms an addiction may cause. Sub-acute detoxification may be a better choice for several reasons, including:

  • Receiving support, medications, and monitoring
  • Not subjected to intensive medical care or overwhelming psychological interventions
  • Therapists meet the person where they are with an appropriate level of care

Sub-acute Formats

People who need sub-acute care receive help in many different settings, including treatment programs. In sub-acute detox, a level of monitoring is offered to ensure sobriety happens in a safe and controlled manner. Detox days may be spent strolling around, participating in therapy or interacting with other people. Some people may even live at home during sub-acute detox and just come in for a series of monitoring appointments. Detox programs at home may work well in certain situations, provided there is supervision from family and friends.

Working the Program

When participating in sub-acute detox, you may undergo blood and urine tests to determine how much intoxicating substance lingers in the body. Complete medical histories will be taken along with prior drug-using habits. Some symptoms during detox may include:

  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains

Over-the-counter medication will be offered along with prescription drugs to ease distress during this time. Counseling may also be offered in support of the process. There is a standard of care associated with sub-acute detox but each individual’s needs will be assessed and cared for throughout the process to ensure a healthy recovery.

Finding help for addiction can be a struggle. You are not alone in the challenges of moving forward in recovery. Serenity Recovery Center puts your safety as top priority. If you are ready to move on with recovery from addiction, call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964