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What Is Dbt And Can It Help Me Recover

What Is Dbt And Can It Help Me Recover

Detox and withdrawal from long-term abuse or addiction to drugs will often require medical supervision, hospitalization, and addiction treatment therapy to control your impulses to use and to heal. You can’t beat addiction on your own, and these protocols help you reduce the risk of additional health, emotional or psychological problems as you sever your dependency.

Depending on the specific drugs you’ve used, how you’ve used them, and for how long, you may need a treatment plan which includes extensive medical supervision to achieve sobriety, especially during the most difficult period of your withdrawal or if complications arise.

The Serenity Recovery Center’s residential detox facility offers many care options, tailored to you, your addiction pattern, and your physical and emotional needs during recovery which give you the right care when needed most. A personalized, medically-supervised detox makes your recovery more attainable however severe your addiction may be.

How an Acute Detox Will Make Your Recovery More Tolerable

Sobriety requires detox, and The Serenity Recovery Center can help you complete this crucial stage of your recovery in several ways. For example, by making you physically comfortable throughout the process, we can help increase the likelihood you will complete your stay. An acute detox provides the supervision and medical care appropriate to the severity of your addiction also makes it substantially easier to complete your detox.

This treatment modality also increases the effectiveness of your detox as it constantly monitors and addresses your specific medical needs and emotional challenges throughout the process. An acute detox will call upon whatever is medically necessary to protect your physical and psychological safety if your continued comfort and safety require it. Choosing an acute detox treatment means you will receive more intensive treatment, if needed, to recovery effectively.

An Acute Detox Will Help You Stay Sober After Treatment

A successful detox enhances the effectiveness of later stages of addiction treatment. Behavioral techniques that will help you stay sober, in themselves, will not end your chemical dependency, and you cannot end your addiction with drugs in your system or strong cravings for drugs.

An acute detox ends your chemical dependency, supporting you with intensive medical care when you need it to control your symptoms, pain, and comfort. Your medically-supervised detox, administered with compassionate, patient-focused care, will prepare you for the rest of your recovery.

When you end your chemical dependency, you maximize the effectiveness of behavioral treatments and ensure your emotional and psychological health. An acute, medically-supervised detox can have a profound impact on your long-term sobriety.

An Integrated Approach to Acute Detox Can Help You Achieve Lasting Sobriety

The Serenity Recovery Center’s integrated approach to recovery can help you reach your goal of safe, effective, and long-lasting sobriety because it treats you, the unique circumstances you have for using, and the reasons specific to your personality, including unmet emotional and physical needs. When you treat these unique factors in a personalized recovery plan that addresses your root causes for use, you will get the most effective treatment possible, and you will have the highest likelihood of achieving lasting sobriety.

The Serenity Recovery Center’s emphasis on empathetic and patient-focused care creates a space where healing comes from a partnership with our additional recovery specialists who share your goals and want to see you improve your well-being. Alternative treatment options further nurture your self-care skills and build a healthy basis for your life post-recovery.

To best prepare you to handle the stresses and challenges of life after treatment, you need a recovery plan that focuses on you and your needs throughout treatment, and that provides you the widest array of options in a supportive environment. When you leave The Serenity Recovery Center, you will have the skills you need to stay sober and also the self-confidence you will need to face everyday challenges with success.

Call The Serenity Recovery Center today at 844-339-6964 to learn more about how an individualized, integrated recovery plan can help you end your addiction to drugs and alcohol and live a healthy, drug-free life.

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