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What Body Bruising Tells You About Your Overall Health (and How to Change It)

What Body Bruising Tells You About Your Overall Health (and How to Change It)

If you have ever woken up one morning and seen new bruises that you did not know how they got there, you are not alone. In sobriety, it is unlikely to be from a less-than-memorable event the night before. Easy bruising is a common complaint for people which might just signal to you how your overall health is doing at this moment.

What Bruises Mean

There are many reasons you may be bruising more easily than other people you know. A bruise is a collection of blood beneath the skin, which is what gives a visible, purple hue. It is a result of blood leaking from the surrounding vessels, which fades as the body reabsorbs the blood. Bruises rarely appear randomly. Everyone experiences a small degree of minor injuries every day that can show up in healthy people as bruises. Potential causes for concern can include getting give or more bruises larger than 1 cm in diameter with unknown trauma, experiencing nose or gum bleeding, or abnormal tests suggesting a bleeding disorder. Not all bruises are causes for concern, but if it happens more frequently it may be a sign of other things going on in the body.

Root Causes

Knowing the root causes of bruises can be helpful when looking at overall health and wellness. There may be many things causing the issue, but it is likely to show up in the following:

  • Vitamin C deficiency. Humans cannot manufacture large amounts of vitamin C on their own. Signs of deficiency include easy bruising, low iron levels, and bleeding gums. It helps to pay attention to foods you eat. Start including more pineapple, cantaloupe, raspberries, and papaya in your diet.
  • Medication. Some supplements and medicines like NSAIDS, blood thinners, or steroids can increase the likelihood of bruising and bleeding since they interfere with blood’s ability to clot.
  • Skin damage. Part of the job of skin and tissues is to maintain integrity of the blood vessels. Anything that harms the skin, like smoking or sun exposure, can make tissue more frail.
  • Aging. As a person gets older, the skin becomes more thin and loses some of its protective layers. There is no way to reverse the process of aging, but you can help your body by eating healthier foods, exfoliating the skin, moisturizing, and wearing sunblock.

Healing Bruises

To heal a bruise, it mostly just takes time. For most bruising, it is preventative steps that will help. Maintain good lighting to see, keep stairs and walkways uncluttered to avoid falls or slips, and check in with a doctor if you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or not as adept on your feet which may cause loss of balance and falls.

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