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Learn How To Bring Your Best Self To Any Relationship

Learn How To Bring Your Best Self To Any Relationship

Therapy and psychological counseling for addiction will not work if you still have drugs in your system. You can’t stop using while still using. If you do begin behavioral treatment while still under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you risk undermining the effectiveness of your treatment and losing out on all its benefits. To achieve long-term sobriety, you must address all aspects of your habit, and that means you must enroll in addiction therapy after detox. A medically-supervised detox is the only effective way to fully chemically separate from your substance of choice and prepare yourself for the emotional and psychological growth that therapy has to offer.

Why Medical Care Matters During Your Detox and Recovery

No two users will use a drug in the same way nor will any two users have the same detox experience. Your doctors have prepared for your treatment and understand which drugs you’ve used, your patterns of use, and your medical history, and they can help you pass the drugs in your system in the safest way, treating symptoms of withdrawal when they occur and anticipating any issues which might occur.

Doctors also play another important role in your recovery. They ensure your comfort. Your comfort has more value than you might think. It has a major impact on your health and recovery. When you feel comfortable, you will have the highest likelihood of completing detox and your wellness program.

Medical care does not just mean medications, however. At The Serenity Recovery Center, you can expect compassionate, patient-focused attention that helps you prepare for the obstacles ahead. Information about your detox, your strengths, your sensitivities, and your unique challenges which our teams constantly monitor helps our therapists and counselors tailor every aspect of your care.

Individualized Medical Care Extends Your Sobriety

Medical care ensures you detox safely and don’t fact any new medical issues or aggravate older ones. Most importantly, doctor supervision minimizes your chances of more severe damage to your health that continued use or relapse may bring. A medically-supervised detox, together with therapy and counseling, helps make long-term sobriety possible by severing your chemical dependency, minimizing your odds of relapse, and enabling behavioral techniques to be their most effective.

Medical care will have the most impact when you have credentialed doctors who also have specific training and experience with detox and an emphasis on compassionate, individualized care. Personalized, empathetic care from doctors, nurses, and behavioral specialists ensures that you will get the right treatment when you need it and that you get the maximum benefit.

You, Will, Have the Highest Chance of Long-term Sobriety With An Integrated Approach

Unresolved issues, stress, pain, trauma as well as habit, triggers, and chemical dependency all may prevent you from quitting drugs and keep you tied to addiction. To achieve lasting sobriety, you must address all these factors during recovery. When you face the underlying reasons you use, the situations that encourage you to use, and your body’s drug needs, you can deal with and conquer them.

You can quickly see why a self-initiated detox will not bring you sobriety or freedom from dependency. The complexity of these issues and their interactions, make self-treatment ineffective and nearly impossible on your own.

An approach addressing all these factors comprehensively, and which also respects the complicated feelings you will have throughout your transition, will keep you engaged in your healing, break your addiction cycle and create the foundation of skills and self-confidence which will help keep you healthy and sober.

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