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Give Yourself a Break (No, Really): Here’s Why

Give Yourself a Break (No, Really): Here’s Why

Whenever people are experiencing a setback or challenge, it helps to take a step back and figure out what is happening to get better perspective. When you are right in the middle of something, perhaps a difficult situation at work, dealing with triggers in recovery, or some other issues, it is hard to gain proper perspective. The best way to navigate this is to give yourself a break and try to get some distance from the situation. Learn how you can cultivate this in your daily life for more inner peace and tranquility when storms come your way.

A Growth Mindset

Most people want to improve. Self-compassion is crucial for the success of personal development. Personal growth is usually associated with determination, persistence, and hard work. This also starts with reflection and self-compassion. When people treat themselves with compassion, they are better able to arrive at realistic self-appraisals and develop a proper foundation for improvement. They are also motivated to work on weaknesses rather than think about why they should continue doing what they’re doing.

True to Oneself

Self-compassion has benefits for individuals who seek to grow more aligned with their true self. Living in accordance to one’s true self (“authenticity”) results in increased motivation and drive. Unfortunately, authenticity remains elusive for so many people because they don’t want to do the hard inner work necessary. Perhaps they feel stuck where they have to suppress their true self at work or at home, or maybe they have doubts and fears around being judged by others. This will not help. Take a break and step back from self-critical thoughts and behaviors. This will only lead to triggers, which can lead to relapse, down the road. Work hard to stay focused on what you need to do to stay true to yourself, your recovery, and your own healing journey.

Take Ownership

A self-compassionate mindset produces benefits that spread to others as well. This happens in work and a person’s personal life when they take ownership of their mindset. Learning to take a break from the daily barrage of negativity that you encounter everywhere from social media to relationships to your own mind is important. Taking ownership may look like:

  • Seeking further support for mental health issues
  • Going to more recovery groups
  • Going away to have a retreat and practice solitude
  • Going on vacation with friends, family, or loved ones
  • Seeking accountability for challenges in your recovery walk

You foster self-compassion by learning to be kind to yourself. You acknowledge shortcomings and failure as experiences everyone has but what you experience is unique to you. Give yourself a break when it comes to past failures. Everyone makes mistakes and messes up. You can still grow and become a better person with the determination to make it happen by cutting yourself some slack along the journey.

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