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Get Sleep Hygiene In Order

Get Sleep Hygiene In Order

A sound addiction recovery program will have established medical protocols in place to ensure you can complete your detox and begin your addiction treatment safely. The presence of medical protocols shows that your recovery facility has both licensed and certified doctors and therapists on staff and that the facility has thought through how best to use those resources to aid your recovery.

With qualified staff and a rigorous system in place, you can have higher confidence that you will get the care that you need when you need it and that your medical team can address any unexpected issues should they occur. While you have many factors to review when selecting a recovery center, medical protocols — while often technical and perhaps overlooked — can be among the most important aspects to consider.

Why Medicals Protocols Matter to Those Recovering From Addiction

Medical protocols help protect your physical, emotional, and psychological health and safety during the difficult transition from addiction to sobriety. During this time you will have many painful and uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms which will vary by drug, by quantity, and by how long you’ve used. You will also have many emotional reactions accompanying these changes, ranging from confusion, despair, loneliness, depression, frustration, and anger. These changes combined could have severe repercussions on your mental health — in addition to those already caused by drug use.

In a personalized detox and recovery program, your medical and therapeutic teams will prepare in advance to treat the unique presentation of your addiction including your physical, emotional, and psychological needs, and facilitate your comfort and safety during this time so that you can complete your detox and prepare for your addiction treatment.

How Medical Protocols Help You Stay Sober

Relapse can threaten your recovery and increase the harm continued drug use has on your health and further deepen your addiction. Medical protocols help prevent relapse in many ways. Managing your pain and withdrawal symptoms through appropriate medications can mitigate or eliminate your drug cravings, reduce your likelihood of relapse, and maximize your comfort both emotionally and psychologically. Increasing your comfort level will encourage you to complete your recovery and further reduce your risk of relapse.

Medical protocols also help promote many useful, long-term strategies that you will need to stay sober after you leave treatment. The compassionate, patient-centered care you will receive at The Serenity Recovery Center from our medical and therapeutic teams can help you see your addiction differently, as an illness that you can conquer and heal and these attitudes can help sustain your self-care throughout your journey. Your personalized care, regardless of your recovery stage, will help guarantee that you receive the most beneficial and effective treatment for your personality, special needs, and unique circumstances.

How The Serenity Recovery Center’s Integrated Approach Makes a Difference in Your Recovery

An integrated approach to recovery that includes comprehensive medical protocols has numerous advantages. The greatest advantage is that it recognizes both you and your addiction as unique. Many situations can trigger you, and these triggers can present themselves at any time, whether at work or with friends or family. By helping you recognize or avoid situations that may compromise your sobriety, treatment at The Serenity Recovery Center can help you realize and utilize your specific personal strengths and provide you with skills you can use in every aspect of your life. An integrated, holistic recovery program helps you build the broad skills to maintain long-term sobriety.

This outcome comes directly from treating your addiction, personality, and circumstances as unique to you. Medical protocols tailored to your needs will give you the highest likelihood of reaching your personal goals — a healthy, drug-free life.

Contact The Serenity Recovery Center today at 844-339-6964 to discuss how comprehensive medical protocols as part of a personalized and tailored approach to recovery can help you leave drugs behind and recover quickly and safely.

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