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Get Sleep Hygiene in Order (and Why it Matters)

Get Sleep Hygiene in Order (and Why it Matters)

When the kids go back to school, when life gets in order again, and when it seems everything is at greater peace, life overall seems to go more smoothly. Difficulty getting to sleep can come from lots of places, but it is important to practice good hygiene in sleep habits as well as overall health and wellness to keep your mind and body focused and clear for recovery in the days ahead.

Sleep Hygiene

The term itself may seem kind of odd, but it actually is quite accurate when it comes to finding a way to get enough sleep and practicing good habits overall that encourage good sleeping patterns. The definition of hygiene is about conditions or practices that help maintain and prevent disease. Most people do not realize that lack of sleep, or regular sleep, can wreak havoc on the body and mind.

Challenges to Sleep

Getting good sleep can be a challenge for many people but it is important for life. It is common that people cannot stay healthy and operate at their best when they are not getting enough sleep. Many parents of young kids attest to the fact it is hard to function on little sleep. Yet, having a bedtime routine is helpful to establishing patterns of good sleep for everyone in the family by learning to go to bed each night with an established routine. Lack of sleep can:

  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Impair judgment
  • Lead to overall neglect of the mind and body

Tips for Better Hygiene

Developing a good sleep hygiene habit starts with consistency. The following tips can help you build a consistent routine of working towards better overall sleep:

  • Establish regular and consistent sleep and wake times to regulate your internal clock.
  • Determine how many hours of sleep you need. Some feel rested with 6 hours, some need 9 hours. Do your best to get enough rest for your body.
  • Bedtime rituals like locking up the house, drinking tea, washing the face, brushing teeth, and setting a routine can help your brain know when it is time to sleep. When the body and mind feel ready to sleep at the same time, it helps you get to sleep faster (and stay there).
  • Get sunlight every day. Circadian rhythms are regulated by light and darkness and are closely related to sleep-wake cycles. Sensing natural light in the retina signals the brain to be awake and alert. The contrast of light during day and darkness at night regulates sleep-wake cycles.
  • Put away electronics. They pose a threat to sleep because they keep the brain activated and the light disrupts melatonin production. Avoid them at least half and hour to an hour prior to bed. Find a book or magazine to help you unwind before bed.
  • Get enough exercise. Getting some type of exercise everyday can help you find a way to fall asleep faster at night.

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