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Get Eustress in Recovery for Greater Inner Peace

Get Eustress in Recovery for Greater Inner Peace

If you have not heard of this word before, this provides a whole new perspective on the idea of stress. Stress can come in any form. It is like a feeling that the walls are closing in or that you are treading water. Eu is Greek that means ‘good’ or ‘well.’ Euphoria and euphemism use the same first part of the word. Eustress is a positive type of stress that may actually be helpful for your recovery.

Embrace the Stress

Eustress is actually good for people. It brings heightened awareness that primes a person to be alert and perform at their very best. When a person experiences the feeling of stress before doing something big, the question remains: how do you shift into eustress in that moment. Turning challenges into positive action is difficult but not impossible. It can help to:

  • Get your brain on board
  • Get your body on board
  • Focus on what is positive rather than what is negative to help bring positive feelings into the experience

Make the Shift

Feeling anxiety related to events in life is part of being human. Instead of letting this anxiety run your life and get the better of you, you can learn to flip it over to eustress. If you are thinking of ways to make the shift, it can help to follow the following tips:

  • Identify the emotion. Name it. Maybe there are a few emotions. Work to identify them.
  • Identify the cause of the feeling and what is making you feel this way.
  • Try some statements: “If I didn’t feel…, another way I could feel is…” For instance, you might say ‘if i did not feel worried about money, another way i could feel is more peace at work knowing i have a job.’
  • Think of how you would respond if you were your own best friend. Perhaps you are feeling apprehensive or worried. Take the perspective that what is happening is happening to a friend, not to you. If you were going to help the friend, what would you say. It might be very different from what you actually are saying to yourself in your own head.

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