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Fall is a Great Teacher on the Art of Letting Go

Fall is a Great Teacher on the Art of Letting Go

The seasons have a lot to teach people about how to live and how to let go. When you watch leaves change colors and fall to the ground, it is a sign autumn is here. This land between summer and winter is a journey that people in recovery understand well. If you are struggling with addiction and recovery, fall can teach you a lot about the art of letting go. Find out why this is and how you can practice the art of letting go in a more peaceful way.

Beauty to Fall

When the world is awash with color, there is joy in the air. Fall’s beauty is different for everyone. In fact, not everyone will love changing seasons or experience the joy in seeing things change color and move towards a more cold, harsh climate for a season. When you get to experience seeing the world reinvent itself every three months, something begins to shift in side you. Winters may be cold, springs wet, and summers hot, but autumn always seems to bridge the gap between the bold, blazing sun, and the bleak midwinter nights. Winters have a lot to teach us about waiting and biding our time. This has to do with getting rooted into a certain place where changing seasons don’t bother you so much as shift your perspective, if even just a little bit.

Preparing for Change

When you think of letting go, fall is the perfect teacher. Days grow shorter (and colder), and we have to prepare for winter. On farms across the landscape where winter is most harsh, they prepare the land by pulling crops, harvesting, and putting away those tools to surrender to the cold winter months. The leaves begin a great transformation, letting green fade away to reveal gold, orange, and red hues underneath. Fall is about revelation and true color. Leaves show us their true color, which can only be achieved when all facades and masks are stripped away to reveal the truth of what’s inside. It is then we finally gasp and stare in wonder as nature lets it all go.

New Growth Begins

New growth cannot happen until you have gotten rid of the old, cleared out space, made room, waited. Waited in the cold, waited in the bareness, and waited for warmth to come again. There is a breathing meditation that speaks to this as you sit, eyes closed, and breathe gently in and out of the nose and mouth. Letting the air fill your lungs, when breathing it out again. It is a gentle reminder of the power of being present to what is happening in your life in this moment, not yesterday or tomorrow. Today, we have the power to let go of what challenges us so that we may have the life that is waiting for us on the other side.

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