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Fall Is A Great Teacher On The Art Of Letting Go

Fall Is A Great Teacher On The Art Of Letting Go

Our experienced medical staff address all aspects of the client to customize a detoxification plan tailored to relevant and specific issues, medical requirements, and emotional needs. We provide a wide array of therapies to accomplish a successful and comprehensive detox treatment.

PSYCHIATRISTS – Board Certified

Our on-staff psychiatrist aims to treat addiction issues along with co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as dual-diagnosis.


Your treatment at The Serenity Recovery Center is coordinated with your general practitioner to ensure all medical issues are addressed, including follow-up care.


Our RN’s are specialized in pain management and help regulate treatment for patients addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other substances.


Certified in the field of addiction medicine, our addictionologist specializes in drug and alcohol dependence and other addictive illnesses.


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