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A new way of looking at detox for addiction may surprise you

A new way of looking at detox for addiction may surprise you

Substance abuse is not a discriminating disorder; it affects people from all age groups, ethnicities, and walks of life. While those facing addiction may be unique, the first step on the road to recovery and wellness is nearly always the same. Detoxification from the substance is typically a necessary early stage of the recovery process. At Serenity Recovery Detox, we understand the fear and anxiety that can surround detox, and we strive to make all our clients feel as comfortable as possible as they work through this initial phase. Our services extend to a wide range of clients, ensuring everyone that comes to Serenity Recovery Detox gets the personalized help and support necessary to embark on their recovery journeys.

First Time Detox

Approaching detox for the first time can be more than intimidating; it can be downright terrifying for someone that has been struggling with addiction. However, the step is a necessary one and medically supervised detox is often the only way to rid the substance from your body safely so that you can move to the next stage of treatment and recovery. We are very familiar with the many emotions involved with the decision to enter detox, and we walk with our clients through the process to ensure it is both safe and as comfortable as possible.

Detox is a complex mix of physical, mental, and emotional issues that can make it difficult to survive the process successfully without relapsing. A residential detox facility like Serenity Recovery Detox is the right choice for those facing this path for the first time because we are equipped to handle all three of these factors in those early days of recovery. From your initial admittance and intake to your discharge program, we will come alongside you to guide you through this essential first recovery step.

Dual Diagnosis

In many cases, addiction does not occur in isolation. Mental illness is a frequent companion of substance abuse and dependency. For some, the use of drugs or alcohol begins as a way to mask the symptoms of a mental disorder, a practice known as self-medication. Others may find substance abuse triggers an illness that was lying dormant or exacerbates a condition that already existed.

Mental illnesses that frequently accompany substance abuse include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders

No matter how or why a dual diagnosis occurs, the treatment approach must encompass both the mental illness and the addiction to be successful. This path begins with the detox process, as we help you manage the elimination of the substance from the system while providing the necessary medical support to keep the mental disorder in check. Integrated treatment is not available at every treatment facility, but Serenity Recovery Detox has the experts and experience to manage clients with a dual diagnosis.

Relapse Intervention

When you enter detox for the first time, you expect it to be the only time you go through that process. And for many clients, that is the case – particularly if they begin with a comprehensive treatment program like the one available at Serenity Recovery Detox. However, relapse can and does occur, for a wide range of reasons. When it does, it should never be seen as a failure, but as an opportunity to refine the treatment process so you can return to a healthy recovery track.

In some cases, relapse may mean another detoxification treatment is necessary. At Serenity Recovery Detox, we help relapsed patients go through the detox process safely, while providing additional tools to help them prevent another relapse in the future. There are no guarantees in recovery, but we will do everything possible to help you adjust your treatment program to remove the potential triggers and risk factors that led to your relapse as you move forward.

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The addiction treatment process looks different for each person that comes to Serenity Recovery Detox, which is why we are equipped with an array of treatment modalities to meet your needs during the detox process. Our expert staff will walk you through the process on your terms to provide you with all the support necessary to make this first leg of your recovery journey a safe, comfortable, and successful one. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Recovery Detox today.

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