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DXM / Cough Syrup Addiction

Robitussin, Dimetapp, Delsym, Coricidin and Theraflu all contain DXM, or dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in these common, household medications. DXM suppresses cough and used according to the maker’s or doctor’s instructions, DXM can safely moderate the symptoms for which it is intended.

However, when abused, the same active ingredient can have serious, even life-threatening consequences. The drug’s over-the-counter designation adds to the drug’s dangers by making for easy availability. When combined with other drugs, the consequences to your health increase even more significantly.

DXM Abuse’s Short-Term Effects

The feelings of intoxication and euphoria which you will experience when taking DXM will quickly give way to serious health problems when you take more or exceed dosage.

Effects of DXM in the short-term include:

  • intoxication
  • euphoria
  • sedation
  • dissociation or detachment
  • hallucinations

Long-Term Effects of DXM Abuse or Addiction

Serious and debilitating health problems can occur when you abuse DXM long-term, and those threats to your health increase when you combine DXM with other drugs.

Symptoms of DXM abuse and addiction include:

  • difficulty paying attention
  • memory issues
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • delusions
  • damage to your liver
  • drug cravings
  • increased tolerance

DXM Withdrawal Symptoms

Being an over-the-counter drug does not make DXM abuse safer, and its withdrawal symptoms rival those of other prescription and illegal drugs.

DXM withdrawal symptoms include:

  • restlessness
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • concentration difficulties
  • diarrhea
  • body aches
  • environmental hypersensitivity
  • urges to use

Why DXM Detox Requires Medical Supervision

DXM withdrawal poses many significant dangers to your health. The drug can severely impair your liver as well as cause a host of debilitating and life-threatening symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal and nutritional problems to dementia and hallucinations. These issues make a medically-supervised detox not merely an option but a requirement to preserve your physical safety and emotional comfort.

A 24×7, medically-supervised detox protects you should you experience complications and increases your comfort through medications whenever possible. Our nursing and behavioral specialists also continuously monitor your detox to ensure your emotional and psychological comfort, offering clinical care and companionship when you need it. Throughout your detox, you can expect compassionate, patient-focussed and judgment-free care. Your wellness is what matters to us, in every aspect.

Why The Serenity Recovery Center’s Integrated and Holistic Gets Results

If you could solve addiction on your own, you would be sober now. Your desire to beat drugs is not what’s impeding your sobriety. Addiction has many beginnings. It can start with your genes or early childhood experiences or crop up as a result of sudden stress, opportunity or a new social circle. To beat addiction, you have to understand it, and how all the different parts work together to keep you addicted and using.

The Serenity Recovery Center offers you a holistic approach. We encourage you and help you to understand all aspects of your addiction — but first, we break your chemical dependency fully and safely so that all of your ensuing treatments have the greatest opportunities to succeed. Through group and individual therapy — and through one-on-one interactions with our counselors and your peers — you can begin to recognize the real reasons behind your use, develop new skills to prevent using and restore the self-confidence that will help sustain your sobriety when you leave.

An approach that recognizes and embraces the human reasons for drug addiction rather than treating addiction like a clinical or medical problem empowers recovering addicts by building up their own internal resources of strength and challenging all pathways to their addiction. This inherently compassionate approach flows through the care you will receive from all our providers and can help encourage the self-compassion which will allow you to persevere on your own later. The Serenity Recovery Center wants to help you recover now, so you can help yourself stay sober for years to come.

Call The Serenity Recovery Center today at 844-325-9168 to discuss how an integrated and holistic approach to addiction recovery can help you regain sobriety quickly and safely so you can forget about addiction and focus on your life. You deserve it.

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