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For Referring Professionals

The Serenity Recovery Center specializes in detoxification from substance abuse, including addiction to alcohol and a variety of drugs. Our programs are open to adult men and women who need to begin the recovery process by safely and effectively eradicating a mind-altering substance from their body. We offer a full range of detox options that are designed to meet the needs of your clients whose substance use habits are in varying stages of severity.

We work frequently with healthcare professionals who choose to refer their patients to our programs. Whether you are a physician, care coordinator, case manager or another specialist, you can feel confident that you are placing your client in good hands with our team. We work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our programs is cared for on a personal level, with individualized attention and a tailored treatment plan. Our goal is to provide your clients with a positive and productive first step on their lifelong journey of recovery — we can support them as they go through the difficult detoxification process, and help them transition back into your care or the next phase of their treatment.

Who We Treat

Why Choose Serenity?

Detox is not a comfortable experience, and for many people seeking recovery, it is one of the most daunting steps in the treatment process. Despite the fact that addiction to drugs or alcohol wreaks havoc on the mind and body, choosing detox means choosing to leave behind familiar routines and self-soothing substance abuse habits for the unknown trials of withdrawal and sobriety. Taking this step takes courage, and at Serenity we want the detoxification experience to reassure those in our programs that they have made the right choice. We provide as much support, care, and comfort as possible, with individualized attention from our top-quality staff, a peaceful atmosphere and all the amenities of home. Detox can set the tone for the rest of recovery, and at Serenity we make sure it is one of positivity and encouragement. As a healthcare provider or professional, you can refer your clients to The Serenity Recovery Center knowing that they will be given a strong foundation for the rest of their recovery.

Our Program Options

Whether this is your client’s first time seeking recovery treatment, whether they are in need of very serious care or whether they are worried because traditional therapy methods haven’t worked for them in the past, Serenity Recovery can help. We strive to offer a broad range of detox programming because we know that every client is different, and we want each of them to receive the care that’s right for them. Some of our specialized services include:

  • First Time DetoxAppropriate for clients who are unsure what to expect from the process and are apprehensive, nervous or reluctant due to these fears.
  • Supervised DetoxProvides medical supervision so that any health concerns that arise as detox progresses can be handled quickly and safely.
  • Alternative TreatmentsIntroduces holistic methods like yoga and meditation that can be therapeutic and highly effective, and can be adapted into life beyond treatment.
  • Acute DetoxEnsures the safety of clients who have overdosed, used more than one drug or have a history of relapse or difficulties during recovery.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Care geared toward those who struggle with a substance use disorder and an accompanying mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety.

Our program options can be combined into customized treatment plans — we know that each client will not fit into a single “box” for treatment, so we work with each person to arrange for exactly the kind of care they need. We provide full-time medical care from licensed physicians and therapists with extensive experience in drug and alcohol detoxification. We are prepared to treat patients who are detoxing from a wide range of substances or multiple substances, as well as those who require medical monitoring, medication management or other specialized care.

What We Treat

for referring professionals
Within our programs, we are able to assist with detox from a range of commonly abused substances, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Oxycodone
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Cocaine/Crack
  • DXM/Cough Syrup
  • Heroin
  • Meth/Adderall
  • Fentanyl
  • Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA

We can also assist with detox from multiple substances. If your patient is struggling with addiction to a substance not listed here, please contact us to find out if we are able to assist you. Our team has extensive experience treating addictions of all kinds — if we are not equipped to treat addiction to your client’s substance, we can connect you with resources for a more appropriate course of action.

We Accept Insurance

If you are in the USA, your client’s insurance will cover some portion of treatment for behavioral health concerns including a substance use disorder. The Serenity Recovery Center accepts all major insurance, provided their plan includes appropriate coverage for our services. We can work directly with you or with your client to find out if their insurance will cover their treatment with us, and we can help create a customized plan to ensure that their treatment is affordable. We can also suggest alternative resources that may help — we want everyone to get the care they need for detox and recovery, so we will work with you to make that possible. To find out what kind of coverage you can expect, please contact your client’s insurance provider. To learn more about how we can work with the insurance company, call us with the relevant insurance information so we can best assist you.


Insurance Accepted

Contact Us

The Serenity Recovery Center is located in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. We welcome clients from all over the state and the country into our detoxification programs. For more information about referring your clients and the referral process in general, please call us to speak to our admissions team. We can walk you through our referral process, including our admissions criteria, necessary materials, and other requirements. We will ensure that your client gets the care they need, as soon as possible. Contact us today at 213-340-6543 to get started.

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