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You Are Not the Sum of Your Vacancies: How to Embrace What’s Missing

You Are Not the Sum of Your Vacancies: How to Embrace What’s Missing

It can be very difficult to focus on what is missing all the time. Literally, it can drive you mad to think about everything you have missed out on in life. This way of thinking will drag you down and keep you from living a positive-focused life. The road to healing can be steep and long but well worth it if you are focused on getting your life back on track. There are ways to do that in a healthy manner that don’t keep you focused on what’s missing, rather help you see what you have in front of you with gratitude.

Jigsaw Puzzle

It can feel like a big puzzle that needs putting back together, piece by piece. It is not easy but sometimes you find the missing piece and you feel like you won the lottery. When you focus on what’s missing, you forget to see what’s in front of you which are all the pieces scattered around that fit somewhere. Sometimes you cannot find the piece you are looking for and drive yourself mad seeking it out. It feels like small sections that were completed, but not fully. It may feel like you want to give up on this self-care project all together.

Haunted Holes

The holes in your life are like missing jigsaw pieces. They can drive you crazy because you know there are some things missing that, if you focused on it, you could heal but you don’t quite know how the picture will turn out. The haunted holes begin to feel like they exist to keep you from finding the truth of who you are rather than accept you are holy, there are missing pieces, but they do not define who you are.

Acknowledging with Grace

Grace and gratitude go a long way to realizing you are not the sum of what is missing in your life. What you need to do is develop a sense of gratitude for the space you’re currently in and acknowledge how hard it is to be here now. The reality of life is not that it is easy, it is living into the questions rather than seeking all the answers. When you concentrate on what’s missing, you neglect to appreciate the value of the current season of life you are in and what you have right now. It may not look like how you want it to, but it will start to make sense if you open up and let it be what it is rather than try to change or fill the gaps. Let the holes be holey and let it be a beautiful reminder of how human you are and accept this wholeheartedly without contempt. Make the most of the life you have now and what you don’t like can be fixed eventually, even if it is not all at once.

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