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Yes, You Can Live with a Traumatic Past: Here’s How

Therapy and unconditional love from friends can be helpful, but sometimes you need more. Sometimes you need to escape a bit, go away, try new things. Having a traumatic past changes you, and changes your outlook on life. Learn how you can live with a traumatic past and still thrive.

Trauma is Connected

If you experienced trauma early in your life, it is likely you will experience trauma again later in life. That is based on research and data which suggests children who experience addiction, abuse, trauma, and mental health issues early on are more likely to continue experiencing them into adulthood. The first years are critical for children to thrive as adults. This does not mean you cannot thrive later in life, but what you experience does impact you. Once you make a conscious choice you will live differently, things can shift for you.

Hour by Hour

The thing about recovery and living with trauma is that you have to learn how to live hour by hour. Sometimes, minute by minute. It is all about how you choose to cope with life. Getting through another hour, another day, just doing your best to find the good in the world and your life. It can take a toll on you when you feel like the psychologist is your best friend whom you visit multiple times a week, but take heart. It does get better. It will not be like this forever, if you are willing to sacrifice time and energy now to heal. Healing work is a lifetime work, it is not just for now. It will go on until the day you die.


Exercise releases chemicals in your brain and body that make you feel good, and bring good flow to your blood and bones. When you get up and move, whether it’s walking, yoga, running, or something else, you are feeling like you can move in a positive way that helps you shift thinking and behavior. It is also great for de-stressing and releasing those toxic thoughts brought on by traumatic memories. It may not erase them all permanently, but it is a better coping mechanism than turning to the bottle, pills, or other addiction of choice.

Choose to Deal

The decision to deal with your addiction is a choice only you can make. The decision to cope with your demons is a choice only you can make. You can choose to be present or you can choose to continue letting it haunt you. The best part for you is that if you choose to let go and deal with it, you will feel better in the long run. Short term, maybe not so much. It takes time to adjust to a new way of living but you will get there. Rest assured, healing is on the other side of addiction if you just let go and choose something better for yourself than the cards you were maybe dealt as a kid (and adult).

We have counselors, therapists, and addiction specialists ready to support your journey to sobriety. You don’t have to live with trauma in your past and addiction. We can’t make either go away with a miracle cure but we can provide coping mechanisms which help support your journey of healing. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964