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Will I Get Bored in Rehab?

Will I Get Bored in Rehab?

It is possible to feel bored in life, as much as it is in recovery. If you enter rehab in a crisis, you might not consider whether or not you will feel bored, but that is part of the journey. Going through rehab is not always going to be one crisis fix after another, big highs and joy-filled moments of gloriously overcoming addiction. Those are all true, but what is also true is that you will feel bored, sometimes. That is okay, as long as you learn how to deal with it and stay sober.

The Bad Boredom

Many people are used to taking care of others, working, running about, and not spending time in reflection. This is true for people in addiction and just about everyone else in this crazy world. Slowing down and time time to think can feel intimidating if you never take time to learn how to do it. When you slow down enough to consider what you’re doing and why, you begin to consider the challenges and traumas you’ve faced. Boredom can actually feel frightening in these moments because of the expanse of time you have in which to sit with your thoughts.

Boredom Happens

When a person with addiction first begins sobriety, he finds a sense of ennui sets in fairly quickly, which feels overwhelmingly empty. Before entering rehab, your busy life was about finding one high, then the next. Your life may have had that as a major focus or hiding that use from family and loved ones. Once you are not looking for those substances, the focus disappears. You may feel you’ve lost your whole identity, your occupation, and friends. This is boredom at a low point.

How to Cope

The good news is that there are healthy ways of coping with boredom. The challenge in early recovery is to determine what you can do instead of focusing on life feeling bored and out of sorts. While sitting in boredom, you can:

  • Tell yourself you are moving onto a new path
  • Take time to gestate this new way of life
  • Acknowledge you do not like the feeling of being bored and that it is all right
  • Encourage yourself to feel unpleasant feelings that might come up
  • Find something to do that is positive and contributes to your personal goals
  • Find yourself something to do. This should be positive and contribute to your goals. For instance, you could set a goal of going for a walk every day, which will give you exercise, time to think, and potentially build a community.

Don’t worry about being bored in rehab. You are going to have lots to do and focus on to get well. We will help provide resources and tools to support your journey to recovery, even if you might feel bored at times. Recovery is a journey with ups and downs. We will help you navigate them. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401