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Will I Ever Have Fun Again?

Almost everyone who chooses recovery has asked the question, “Will I ever have fun again?” It’s an interesting question, especially since addiction has zapped every ounce of fun out of our lives. Most people who come to treatment don’t get there because their lives were going so well, rather, they’re here because recovery or death were the last two options. Fun just isn’t part of the equation at the end of our addiction.

Sure, there were times when our drinking and using was great fun, but those times are in the rear view mirror. In sobriety, we learn to live again. Some of us may have to learn how to do the most basic necessities such as grocery shopping and paying bills. Along with these new learned behaviors, we also have to find out what we like to do with our free time. If you drank or used through most aspects of daily life, you just have to learn to do them without. You may be surprised at how much more efficient you are, the motivation and energy you have, and how laughter comes easily.

Meeting and talking to other sober people may feel a little awkward at first, but building relationships is a huge part of sobriety. You will start doing things with your new tribe, whether it’s going for coffee, surfing, the movies, hiking, trying new restaurants, roller coasters, or skydiving, the list is endless. A lot of people in addiction don’t do anything except go to the liquor store or score more drugs, and even doing this is a struggle. These new experiences will brighten your life, and you will begin looking forward to trying new things.

Sobriety is anything but boring, and it is what you make of it. Of course there will be lulls; that’s just how life is and we have to learn to be okay with the quiet. As addicts, we like to stir things up and create drama and excitement around us. Sobriety is easier; if you want to go to the local festival this weekend, you don’t have to plan out your entire day around when you can drink or use. Plus, you might actually make it there—we have a tendency to make plans and never follow through. Did we mention you will actually remember what happened? Yes, that in and of itself is a blessing.

Don’t worry about never having fun in sobriety. The fun is just beginning, and you are on the ride of a lifetime. Just give it a chance; it will take some time and adjustment, but you will enjoy life like you never imagined possible. Give us a call, the sooner we can help you into recovery, the sooner your new life can begin.

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