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Why You Need to Apply Your Sunscreen Properly (and Save Your Skin)

Why You Need to Apply Your Sunscreen Properly (and Save Your Skin)

When warmer weather hits, you want to get outside. Sunburn season is upon us and Americans are pretty bad at protecting their skin from getting burned. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are even more likely to experience sunburn because you are not thinking about whether to cover up or put on sunscreen. This can lead to serious health problems down the road including melanoma and other skin issues. Learn how the benefits of sunscreen can help save your skin.

Sun Exposure

Any sun exposure may change the color of your skin. This is a sign DNA damage is taking place within the skin. A little sun exposure is not a bad thing as people need Vitamin D to function. It is a good idea to get in the habit of putting sunscreen on every day, no matter the weather. SPF should be part of the morning routine, especially for women who wear makeup. Men and women who opt not to wear makeup can choose face lotions with SPF in them to protect the delicate skin on their face, neck, and ears.

Soak Up Vitamin D

Avoiding sun at all costs is not a good recipe for a long and happy life. It helps to boost mood and support good bone health long term, but overexposure can have the opposite effect. There are ways to enjoy the sun without going overboard. If you are prone to sunburn or drink a lot and end up neglecting your skin, these tips may help:

  • Set a timer for every two hours to reapply sunscreen, whether you are in the water or not
  • Sunscreen has a protective factor (SPF) which is fully effective for two hours. SPF of 50 at 10 a.m. by noon will have some protection but not nearly as much, around 10 SPF by that point
  • Don’t go less than 30 SPF when outside, even if it is cloudy or doesn’t feel hot
  • Later up the face, but don’t forget the ears, neck, upper chest, shoulders, and behind the knees which still get exposure
  • The top of the head is an oft-neglected spot that needs sunscreen (or a good hat)

Sunscreen sprays are not always great. They tend to spray more into the air than on the body. The skin lotion is usually better and what does land on the body tends to be a less even coverage layer than what comes from the bottle of sunscreen. Focus on putting sunscreen on the body any time you head outside if you want to get the most from your fun time, without the achy, red sunburn later.

Addiction takes your focus off your health and puts it on the next drink or bottle. Rather than thinking about your skin, you neglect that, along with everything else, in pursuit of addiction. Let us help you focus on getting health with our programs designed to support your sobriety. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401