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Why You Can Have Hope in Recovery

The reason why you can have hope in recovery, is because recovery itself is hopeful. In active addiction, hope is nowhere to be found and lonely despair fills our small world. In the dark hours of drinking and using, we as addicts and alcoholics can only hope for it all to end, to never feel the depth of pain we experience every waking hour…but this can change. When you have made the decision to seek treatment and ask for help, there is something inside of you that hopes life will get better.

You may have been wishing for this or that all your life, but hope is different. Hope is the basis for knowing your life will improve; not just wishing for it to improve, but knowing that change is possible. Addiction takes us to the deepest, darkest, most lonely corners of our souls, and without help, it is too much for us. When we can’t seem to muster any hope for ourselves, we can lean on others to carry us through.

Treatment teaches us that we don’t have to do this alone. There is hope for everyone, and without it, recovery would not be possible. Hope pushes us through challenges, helps us deal with disappointment and frustration, and motivates us to change. This motivation is our driving force to work at recovery, and stay moving forward.

When an alcoholic or a benzodiazepine addict comes through the doors of treatment in a wheelchair or with a cane, yet weeks later, she is able to walk on her own, that is hope. The stages and transformations of early recovery are absolutely inspiring. When we see that others were able to heal and lead healthy, productive lives, we become hopeful that we can do the same.

Treatment can help you get there. When your shakes and sweats begin to subside, and you are no longer fearful of losing balance in the shower, hope begins to bloom. A light inside of you will start to shine, and that person you thought was forever lost, will suddenly be looking at you in the mirror. Why wait another day? Why wake up tomorrow, wishing that you didn’t, and just praying for it all to go away? There is hope for you. If you truly want a better life, know that you can and will recover. There will never be a better or more convenient time to get the help you need and deserve, than today.

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