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Why Writing About Heartache and Loss Can Transform Your Journey

Why Writing About Heartache and Loss Can Transform Your Journey

Writing down your feelings can not only be cathartic, it can be very healing. Through a breakup of a relationship, the breakdown of a marriage, addiction, and life’s challenges, writing is always there to offer support for the journey. All you need is a writing utensil and paper. Learn more about why writing out your heartache can help transform your healing journey.

Noticing the Present

Many people think meditation and yoga are the best pathways to engaging the present moment. It is not always possible to sit in meditation or do yoga poses during the day or even at night. Sometimes the time escapes us and we are not able to do it, as much as we long for that time to get present with ourselves. Writing has a way of bringing our present time to the forefront of our minds. You cannot ‘zone out’ and write with clarity. You are forced to be present in the current time, with that moment, and those words pouring forth from your pen or pencil. It can be difficult to get real and comfortable in the present, especially if you are used to pushing it away or numbing out. As with anything, the process starts small and grows from there.

The Language of Writing

Putting pen to paper makes room for a stream of consciousness outside of ourselves, reminding us of our ability to reach into language and have it pull us up. When sitting down to write, you are constantly looking for language, a way to define your experience.  What help is to:

  • Bring a dictionary and thesaurus (or go online)
  • Use your own words as much as possible
  • Worry less about editing as you write and just write it all down for now
  • Find a comfortable space and time to write uninterrupted with your thoughts and feelings

There is research to suggest that when we edit and refine language to make sense of our lives, we positively impact our response to the events themselves and actively improve things like immune function, emotional health, and behavioral changes.

Pathway to Healing

In writing our stories, we become an observer to our pain. We create space between memory and the present moment. Restoring control and identity through conscious crafting of language, we resolve the searching and yearning stages of mourning into ‘finding and having,’ as we unearth those memories and make sense of them. We may also create a public space out of our private pain which can offer healing to others as we share our story. There are many ways to engage with writing and healing that can help restore us to ourselves. There are pathways to healing we can take if we are ready to be vulnerable and take that next step.

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