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Why Turning Off Tech is Trendy and Just May Rescue Your Recovery

Mindlessly zoning out on technology has become the societal norm. At dinner with friends or family, in front of kids, in class, during a movie, or watching television, it seems everyone is spending more time in front of multiple screens at once. With increased access to more devices, it seems people have a hard time putting them down, even if it is what’s best for them. Recovery is a time of personal reflection and contemplation but oftentimes technology can get in the way of a healthy recovery.

Tech and Recovery

The brain can easily be addicted to technology, especially for people in recovery from existing addictions. Symptoms of withdrawal are common when technology is taken away. The brain reacts similarly to scrolling through a device’s news feed to how cocaine impacts the brain. Being so close to digital signals may also increase instances of cancer but the verdict is still out on that. Even while tech can help improve lifes, as a tool for recovery, it can also be a detriment to people who have addictive personalities. Learning how to stop can take focused intention, which is why a digital detox can be the best place to start.

Digital Detox

Technology addiction is being addressed more and more as it impacts people’s mental health and daily lives. A digital detox is a simple practice that people can do once a day. Taking an hour per day to turn off devices and connect with friends and family is not a lot to ask; unless addiction has taken hold and it feels nearly impossible to stop. Some tips to try and make a digital detox easier include:

  • Walk around outside and see what you find
  • Sit and meditate indoors or outdoors
  • Participate in an activity you love (without digital devices)
  • Spend time journaling, writing, or contemplating the experience of doing the detox before, during, and after
  • Follow up with friends for accountability about the experience

A digital detox is a good idea for everybody, not just people in recovery. We have a tendency to want to know what everyone is doing and focus on others rather than ourselves. Recovery is about focusing inward, looking at ourselves, and dedicating precious time to becoming a better version of ourselves. Sometimes digital technology enhances this experience but it can be a detriment when overused. Finding quiet spaces can help build a space for contemplation which may lead to greater physical, emotional, or spiritual growth in recovery.

A digital detox is only one piece of the recovery puzzle. If you are struggling in recovery, let us help. We are here to provide you with top-notch programs and services right at your fingertips. Serenity Recovery Center believes you have the power to change. Call us if you are ready to take that step: 844-339-6964