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Why Transitional Living Has So Many Benefits

Planning where to go following treatment is an important step for any person’s recovery. It is not always a good idea to return straight away to the old neighborhood haunts or friends. It may be difficult to go home anyways given there are a multitude of challenges associated with recovery, including broken relationships. There are options for transitional living environments which can support a healthy long term recovery.

Sober Living

People who choose to move into sober living following treatment can typically expect a greater deal of accountability for recovery. Each home will have its own set of rules, which can include:

  • Nightly curfew
  • Assigned chores to keep house clean
  • Stay in school or work
  • Requirement to attend meetings during the week
  • Random drug tests
  • Mandatory house meetings

This may feel like an infringement on personal freedom, but that is basically the whole point. If you are not capable of being on your own at this point, you need the structure of transitional living to help you get on your feet for living fully alone some months down the road.


Making the transition to a residential program can provide great structure for daily living which many people need to function. If you or a loved one are wrestling with this decision, here are some of the amazing benefits:


  • Structure – transitional or sober living are set up to support a strict schedule during your stay to help you focus on recovery
  • Life skills – ongoing support for job skills, advancing education, life skills, and medical treatment will be provided
  • Personal responsibility – a huge part of living in transitional housing is learning to be responsible. Placing blame on others or living off financial means of others can hinder personal responsibility. Being accountable to housemates and a house manager can support learning how to handle life on the outside of treatment
  • Education – sober living houses often require people to attend group therapy, meetings, and counseling. This can help educate each individual about addiction and build a support network


Transitional living is designed to support a person in recovery with the transition back to society. Using this tool as one way to support a healthy recovery can be just one way to build a positive lifestyle that will have positive benefits for a long time to come.

We provide discharge planning that will support your decision about where to go after treatment as well as how to find support in detox and treatment. Serenity Recovery Center focuses on your well-being and safety first. Call us to find out how you can get what you need to quit drugs and move forward with your life: 844-339-6964