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Why Taking a Social Media Break Can Be Good for Your Health

Why Taking a Social Media Break Can Be Good for Your Health

If you have ever wondered whether you can (or should) delete Facebook, there may be some evidence to support your idea. Taking a social media break is not only good for your health but it can also increase your social networks and boost your mood. Here are some other reasons why taking a social media break may be good for your health.

Why Do It

Facebook, Twitter, and other places people ‘gather’ online can be beneficial. It connects people together, your friends may be able to message and send you posts you would not see otherwise. If you get your news there, you can stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world (and your smaller world of family and friends) while also feeling socially connected. The stress hormone cortisol, however, elevates with increased social media use over time and may actually be detrimental for your health. People who spend an average of 2.8 hours a day on the app appear to feel:

  • Less life satisfaction
  • More stress
  • Lower mood
  • More lonely

When asked if you can give up social media for a week, it can feel impossible if you are connected on a daily basis. Going on a short break can help give you space you need to breathe and try other things like meeting friends in person or calling their phone rather than messaging or texting.

How to Do It

There are different ways people take breaks from social media. Taking a Facebook or social media holiday doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. If you feel good doing it, by all means, keep doing it. If you feel less stressed and more connected, just notice how much you’re doing it and try to spend some of that time doing something else rather than checking your phone for updates. You can try to enforce a holiday from social media by:

  • Deleting the apps you use on a daily basis and checking only on a laptop
  • Downloading apps which track and monitor use or even cut you off after a certain point
  • Keep accountability with friends who support your withdrawing from social media for a time
  • Enforcing a period where you ‘go dark’ for a time to get away and focus on work, friends, family like a seasonal hiatus every so often
  • Seek out new hobbies and friendships that don’t use social media to stay connected

There are many ways to try and get off social media for a time. It can increase your mood and support a feeling of being able to connect with others better when it’s not behind a screen. Find a few friends who all want to do it together and find a way to make it fun, rather than drudgery. That will increase your chances that you might stick with it and find out something new about yourself (and your friends) in the process.

Serenity starts with understanding what you need to feel happier and more fulfilled. If you need to get off social media, quit drinking, quit drugs, or just take a break from it all for awhile, call us. We will help you detox and get your life back on track. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401