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Why Self Destruction in Sobriety Can Be Dangerous

Many people with active addiction also struggle with self-destructive behavior. Either they drink or use drugs to the point of destroying health or they ruin relationships and professional lives in pursuit of addiction. When the mind and body are caught up in addiction, the forces that tell you to stop cease. All you can think about is that next drink or place you can get more drugs. Addiction is not just about using drugs or alcohol, it is also about the behaviors which wreak havoc on your life and those around you.

Self-Destruction in Sobriety

Self-destruction in sobriety is something newly sober people might find difficult to appreciate due to the false idea that may be presented. Once a person is sober, the problems do not automatically go away. There may be confusion about when things take a turn towards that road but ultimately addiction leads people to behave in a way they would not normally behave. Sobriety can offer a removal of the compulsion to drink and connecting with a higher version of yourself but being sober does not mean you will stop being self-destructive or work against your own best interests.

Fighting Back

Only time and practice will help combat a self-destructive streak. When first getting sober, you may only have access to a certain amount of self-reflection and only know what you know. This means at times you may act out in ways you do not like or understand. With time, you may begin to notice these patterns and once you become aware, you will be on your way to changing them for good. Some other tips to help get rid of these behaviors include:

  • Praying
  • Talking with others
  • Taking regular inventory
  • Quiet self reflection on personal actions
  • Discussing with friends how to become a better person

You are a human being before you are a human doing. What this means is that you will face many parts of yourself maybe you didn’t know existed and, frankly, may not even like. That is what sobriety does: it brings the challenging parts of yourself to the fore so you can confront them head on. Once you face those challenging parts of yourself, you can move forward and keep becoming a better person in recovery. Recovery is a lifelong journey with many ups and downs. It will not get better until you face the hard parts and start to address them one at a time.

The Serenity Recovery Center can help you make decisions about where to take your next steps. We provide a safe space to heal and move past addiction. If you are tired of missing out on life and want to work towards wholeness and sobriety, call us now. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions: 844-339-6964.