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Why Rehab Romance Is a Bad Idea

If you have never been in treatment or are considering going, you may (or may not) be surprised to hear that relationships with other addicts or alcoholics in treatment and early recovery are strongly discouraged. There is good reasoning behind this, and it may be to your benefit to heed the advice.

When we come to treatment, we have just been through an absolute nightmare that most people who aren’t addicts or alcoholics could never understand. We’ve been lonely, fearful of life, and numb to our feelings for a long time. Many of us have been treated poorly in past relationships, and have long forgotten (or never knew) what a healthy relationship looks like. In this very early stage of recovery, we still have a giant hole in our hearts that we had been filling with drugs and alcohol, and we are desperate to fill it with something, anything again.

Once you get to treatment, you are suddenly surrounded by other people who have been through the same trauma of addiction that you have. They understand you like no one else ever has, and this is endearing. One person in particular seems to really spark that little fire in you that had long been extinguished. This is a very common occurrence in treatment facilities, and one that is also very dangerous. He or she may be the sweetest person you have ever met, but you must remember that he or she is also very sick.

Time and time again, addicts and alcoholics hook up and think they’ve finally met “the one,” only to go down a flaming path of addiction together. We already have a history of making bad decisions, and it takes time and work to heal the center of our brain that makes healthy choices. As addicts, we also tend to do everything with our hair on fire. We’re either all in or not at all. One day you’re just talking to someone, and the next you’re living together with extravagant plans for your future. Before long, someone relapses, and the other goes down with the sinking ship.

Relationships will come and go, and it’s important to work on the relationship with yourself before you invest your precious time with another person. Love yourself first and you will find someone else who does the same. Recovery is not a race, and treatment is a place where you have a golden opportunity to heal and work on yourself. Don’t throw that opportunity away by distracting yourself with someone who needs to work on themselves, too. If you are struggling with addiction, call us today and we will help you begin the healing process of recovery.

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