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Why Proper Hydration Can Boost Your Health and Fitness

Why Proper Hydration Can Boost Your Health and Fitness

Water is foundational to life. Our bodies are made up of water and we cannot escape the fact that we are made of water. It helps our bodies thrive, digest food, and absorb needed nutrients. It moistens cells, promotes cell growth, and repairs the body. Learn more about why proper hydration can help your overall health and fitness.


The digestive process in the body helps convert foods we eat into raw materials which fuel our body and ease the transport of nutrients in and out of the body. When it is broken down correctly, the body functions great. When it doesn’t, all heck may break loose and cause all sorts of issues including indigestion, poor gut health, and other issues.

Biologically Speaking

The body has lots of processes happening all the time we are never even aware of in the moment it happens. Because the body is nearly 70% water, it is necessary for blood, extracellular, and intracellular fluid to move through the body. Extracellular fluid, which bathes the exterior of our cells and contains thousands of ingredients necessary to cell function, cellular respiration helps transform food into energy so the body can move and function properly. Biologically speaking water is a serious player in how our bodies keep things flowing.


One of the biggest challenges for the body is when it becomes dehydrated. It is beneficial to be prepared for when water is not always available by carrying water in a container. Dehydration can wreak havoc on your other organs and even your mood. Eventually, we will die without enough water to drink, well before we would even starve to death. Water is that necessary for life. To avoid dehydration, you should:

  • Eat fresh, cooked veggies (hidden source of water)
  • Eliminate caffeine or other drinks that are not water from regular rotation
  • Drink 8 ounces of water at a time (one glass) to keep enough water flowing in the body
  • Drink water before, during, and after sports or outside activity

The body needs water to function, but sometimes there are other issues going on within the body that need to be addressed. Following addiction, the body’s organs may need time to repair themselves and heal following the toxic substances that entered it for a period of time. It takes time to develop a new habit of drinking water, hydrating the body, and helping it process things in a new way. If you are struggling to adapt to this new habit, don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek support from friends and loved ones.

There are many challenges in addiction recovery, one being to change old habits into new life-giving ones. Whether it is learning to drink more water or some other habit, we will help you release negative, toxic behavior and move towards healing. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401