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Why is Heroin Addiction Hitting Suburbia So Hard?

Why is Heroin Addiction Hitting Suburbia So Hard?

The past decade has seen a huge increase in heroin addiction within the United States. At an all-time high, more than 4 million Americans as young as 12 and above have used heroin. The epidemic has reached into far corners of America, surprising even experts and families who never thought it could happen to them. Heroin is in the suburbs of America and is ruining people’s lives.

Onset of Addiction

Law enforcement and addiction experts both surprised at the high rate of heroin use and abuse in American suburbs wonder how it could have happened in what is typically a safer place to live, away from the scourge of addiction. Experts have known for sometime that anyone can become addicted to any kind of drugs, in any corner of the world. A few decades ago, prescription drug use skyrocketed in the suburbs. Mostly, it was based off people using prescription painkillers, including Vicodin and OxyContin. Naturally, these prescription drugs are expensive and difficult to obtain. Many people faked pain in order to obtain these prescriptions from doctors, or stole them from family and friends. Drug addiction can make people do desperate things to keep habit going. Prescriptions became more difficult to obtain as a lockdown was happening on these drugs.

Wealth and Access

Part of the reason for increased use of heroin in the suburbs is access in wealthier areas, including places where money is more available to purchase drugs by younger teens. Older adults are also finding themselves hit hard by prescription drug and heroin use. Injuries for children have led to increased addiction to painkillers which goes on into adulthood, if left untreated. Even wealthy kids from ‘good families’ are not exempt from becoming addicted to heroin, which is cheaper than most painkillers. Drug dealers are catering to a crowd that has both access and wealth. Drug trafficking networks provide a more polite, friendly, customer-service oriented approach to people in the suburbs, hoping to entice young people into using, which translates into getting older adults into drugs, as well.

Public Health Emergency

Wealthy suburbs are hitting back by declaring public health emergencies in these areas. Although some people may want to believe their communities are insulated from addiction, these attitudes only serve to keep the epidemic unchecked. Families who were once in the dark are seeing family members, friends, friends of their children, and others fall prey to addictive tendencies and even overdose. Rehabilitation facilities are the best hope for families who are struggling to cope with the heroin epidemic. It does not discriminate based on financial resources. Heroin will take no prisoners and leave a trail of devastation. The best hope is to seek rehab for recovery to begin the process of rebuilding a person’s life, one step at a time.

Getting help for addiction is a challenge, but it is not impossible. If you are struggling with addiction, we are here to help. There is support available for your recovery. We will help you begin the process of recovery from heroin or other drugs and substances. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401