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Why is Fentanyl Use Increasing Now?

Why is Fentanyl Use Increasing Now?

Fentanyl has been around for a long time. It is nothing new to the marketplace, but its overuse has sped up in recent years and has become a widespread problem. The increase in availability of prescription opioids is one of the reasons along with the role of price in leading people who use it to transition to heroin. The internet has also made it easier and more affordable to purchase fentanyl without haunting street corners to find it.

Increased Use Has Consequences

Instead of complicated smuggling schemes, sellers simply put products in the mail and it shows up on your doorstep. It does not take long for some Chinese or international markets to produce fentanyl as there is no need for a source of opium. The chemistry to make the drug is not all that challenging. However, the potency of a kilogram of heroin in fentanyl makes it a harder drug that can increase the impact it has and is way cheaper.


With the advent of mobile phones, texting, and social media, transactions to purchase drugs can now be arranged electronically and completed via home delivery. This reduces the buyer’s risk and travel time to near zero. In a recent survey on drugs, cocaine users around the world reported the most recent cocaine order was delivered in less time than an average pizza order. This fast-paced access to drugs right now has produced almost an insatiable desire for the drug as it reduces buying time and risk to purchase.

Meanwhile, fentanyl is taking lives over and over again. People are hooked on one drug thinking that is what they are getting, only to realize they are actually getting another drug. Sometimes it causes an overdose or can cost a person their life. With increased drug use is an increased risk of running into drugs laced with fentanyl out on the street. For people who struggle with addiction, it is a hard enough life but now they also worry about whether the drugs they take are what they think they are.

The truly devastating part of working through drug addiction is finding a place to recover and heal. There are recovery centers which will work with people who struggle with drug use to help them overcome addiction and work towards their goals. The most difficult choice may be the one to get up and move towards rehab. However, even in the midst of that difficult choice, it is one that may just save their life.

There is help available if you struggle with addiction to drugs. You are not alone. You can get what you need if you are willing to ask for help. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401