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Why is Bone Broth So Healthy?

Why is Bone Broth So Healthy?

Bone broth is all the rage at the moment. You can’t open a magazine or news article online about healthy trends and not notice bone broth is at the top of the list. It is more than a passing trend, and is not new on the scene. It has actually been around a long time as an ancient remedy that supports healing. Find out why people are drinking it and using it in foods to support overall health and wellness.

Just the Facts

One of the great aspects of bone broth is that it contains a natural source of collagen. Collagen is most abundant in the body as a protein which supports skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Collagen is important for skin and bone health as well. Amino acids in collagen help reduce inflammation, strengthen the gut lining, and enrich our digestive and immune systems. Beautiful, glowing skin is the biggest benefit but it supports our inner body as well.

Healing Powers

The gut is becoming well known as a center for wholeness and healing. A ‘leaky gut’ can basically be a space where holes are allowing the body to reabsorb potentially harmful substances and waste that is supposed to be eliminated in your stool. This weakens the immune system, creating food intolerance and cravings, hormonal imbalances, and a host of health issues. This can create stress, infections, and other things which may be a result of poor lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, poor diet, etc). Glutamine in bone broth is an amino acid which helps the body fight off illness and repair the gut.

How it’s Made

The power of bone broth lies not just in what comes inside of it, but how it is made. Broth is made by boiling poultry, beef, or fish bones until they break down. These can be boiled for as little as four hours to as many as 48. The bones are boiled and start to disintegrate, which releases nutrients and proteins (calcium phosphate and collagen) which support overall health. It is a good-for-you food that is hydrating, contains veggie and herb anti-inflammatories and supports joint and bone health. The trick is really in how it is made which determines how healthy the bone broth becomes. There are ways to amp it up by adding some steamed kale or swiss chard, add it to soups or meals. It is a trend right now because it is in the news but it has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.

As with anything, it is always wise to consult with a treating physician prior to using any new foods or adding something into the diet. Bone broth has proven to be healthy for people of all ages and for lots of different reasons. For people with addiction who are in recovery, it can be potentially very helpful in boosting the immune system and promoting vitality and health.

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