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Why Farming May Help You Heal from Addiction

Addiction is nothing new for millions of people across the world who struggle. For you, it may feel unique and frustrating that you continue to wrestle with addiction. There are ways to help you move on from addiction in recovery. One of those unique ways is through farming. This unconventional source can be healing for you if you give it a chance.

Mind the Farm

Eastern philosophy has long maintained that one of the best ways to get out of your own mind is through meditation. This requires staying present while doing things, whether it is washing dishes or raking leaves. Western culture is catching on a little bit but new ways are coming up to help encourage recovery with nature. From feeding chickens to repairing tractors, there are ways to have a spiritual awakening while working on a farm. Getting out of your head and working with tools on the farm can free you of self-absorption to focus on what matters.

Planting a Seed

The field of addiction treatment is still growing and learning how to best support people. Programs are extended to help people for longer periods of time than just 30 days in most cases. This helps people get on their feet in recovery. Aftercare is such a critical piece of the recovery puzzle. Education is also important when teaching people how to live in recovery. Farm programs can provide psychology and support services for people who need emotional resilience skills and to learn how machinery is operated. There is also the element of planting a seed, then waiting. Feeding livestock on a daily basis, which teaches accountability and responsibility for others, and helps shape your perspective.

Farm work is all about wait and see. It is not something where the fruits of labor come easy. It is also not about always reaping the rewards, because sometimes the weather turns, the economy is down, and crops or animals die. This can all have an impact on how things turn out. Sometimes, you do all that work and get no reward. That’s kind of like life, in lots of ways. You don’t always get a reward even after all the hard work. Sometimes it takes longer to see a reward after the work is done.

There is much to be learned about farming land or animals. When you are in recovery, it is a lifelong journey. The journey of cultivating your soul, your mind, your emotional life, and letting go of control over what happens. These tools can provide you with a great way to set yourself up for success in recovery, and you may just fall in love with farming and decide to start one up yourself.

Farming may provide you with some great tools, but we can help you set yourself up for success in recovery. We provide a safe space to detox, get clean, and start on a new journey of healing. If you are ready to quit using drugs or alcohol, call us. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964