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Why Do You Need Spontaneous Fun in Recovery?

One thing addicts often worry about when they begin recovery is whether they will ever have fun again. Sobriety can seem monotonous. Many people start drinking or using in the first place because their lives felt painful or tedious. Maybe they felt less self conscious at parties or noticed everything seemed more interesting when high.

Eventually, the drugs and alcohol caused a lot more pain than pleasure but the promise of pleasure remained alluring. If you are in recovery it’s probably because the pleasure is not worth the pain, but it’s discouraging to think you will never have fun again.

Fortunately, it’s not true that you will never have fun again. You just have to relearn how to have fun. Or rather, you have to change your concept of fun from one of passive enjoyment to one of active creation. Relying on drugs for enjoyment was a kind of cheat code. It was never really fun; it only felt fun.  

Creating opportunities for spontaneous fun in recovery helps you reorient yourself to the idea of fun. This is not a frivolous consideration. The prospect of a joyless existence is absolutely uninviting. If all you see is a bleak existence stretching indefinitely into the future then you may seriously question the value of sobriety.

Creating opportunities for fun helps you build a new skill. You gradually learn to separate joy and happiness from addiction. You may have to confront some uncomfortable situations in the process. If you started drinking to deal with social anxiety, that anxiety will likely still be there when you quit drinking. If you are in a supportive situation where no one else drinks you can begin to deal with that anxiety and enjoy the benefits of what lies beyond it.

On a more day-to-day level, fun and enjoyment relieve stress and anxiety, which are the most dangerous factors in relapse. There will inevitably be tough days, when normal stressors will feel overwhelming. It helps to have something to look forward to, something to take your mind off things.

Finally, having fun is an opportunity for social connection. It allows you to strengthen relationships family, which may be in need of repair, and create new friendships with other people in recovery. When you are more socially connected, you can deal with stress more constructively.

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