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Why Did You Get Sober?

The answer to this question may seem obvious; it could be that your life was a mess, and you lost your job, or maybe your partner was threatening to end your relationship. Maybe you sobered up because you were just sick and tired of feeling the way you were, day in and day out. No matter what the reason was that brought you to recovery, what matters most is that you stay.

Some of us came to sobriety kicking and screaming, whereas others were willing to do anything to stop feeling the pain of addiction. In meetings, you may hear someone say they got a nudge from the judge, but ended up staying because of how their life had changed. If you are considering treatment, your life can change, too. You don’t have to wait until your life is so miserable that you don’t want to wake up in the morning. If you’re already there, you’ve come to the right place.

Checking-in to treatment can be first day to a wonderful new life. Sobriety gives us the opportunity to live freely, and with choices. Those of us in recovery wouldn’t trade anything to go back to the prison of addiction. We have the choice to do and achieve anything we set our minds to. Regardless of the reasons that brought us here, it is the joy and freedom of sobriety that makes us stay. Until you’ve felt recovery, there is no way to describe how precious it is to those of us who work so hard to keep it.

As addicts and alcoholics, we need help. We can’t get sober and recover on our own. If you pick up the phone and call us today, your life will improve. It’s that simple, but the disease of addiction wants to kill you and it tells you to stay where you are. Medical detox will sober you up safely, slowly, and comfortably, and then treatment will give you the tools you need for a successful recovery. No matter what the reason is for stopping drinking and using, we can help make it a little easier. Give us a call, this is one decision you will not regret.

Serenity Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers the comforts of home for a clinical detox experience. Detox is the necessary first step of recovery. Begin your recovery journey in a safe, comfortable environment, clinically monitored by professionals. Call 844-339-6964 today for more information.