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Why “Clean Eating” Labels May Do More Harm Than Good

Why “Clean Eating” Labels May Do More Harm Than Good

If you spend hours a week prepping meals and trying to get your food menu in order, you may be trying too hard to find ‘safe’ foods that you aren’t even enjoying food any longer. Spending excessive amounts of time on worrying about food may not make you healthier, it may raise your anxiety and cause you to think so much about controlling food intake you don’t know how to let go and enjoy the experience. Find out how clean eating labels can harm your recovery and what to do about it.

More Than Labels

If you feel you need to categorize yourself and your eating habits, the labeling can create an unnecessary sense of pressure. This closed-mindedness can limit you from opening up to new types of foods. Labeling yourself (paleo, vegan, etc) tends you make you adhere to food elimination more than focusing on diet and nutrition. Some people need to have certain diets due to inflammatory diseases or specific issues with health. Outside of that, it makes less sense to focus on labels than to organize your life around what will bring your body the most nutrition.

Getting Out of Labels

If you feel trapped by your own ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts,’ you may be constantly trying to measure up to other people’s standards rather than your own nutritional and health standards. Ask yourself some of the following questions to see if you are trying too hard to be clean:

  • Becoming too strict with clean eating can lead to orthorexia, a condition where you restrict so many foods you don’t allow yourself to eat at all. You may become judgemental of others’ diet choices. When you un-label yourself, you allow yourself to be liberated to no longer call yourself anything and just focus on eating what makes you feel good.
  • Breaking free does not happen overnight. There is a lot of inner work that needs to take place to understand why you struggle with eating habits and labels on food. It may be unconscious on some level but if you focus on food too much, you might make anxiety, fear, and worry increase, not go away. Healthy eating is essential to overall wellness but you can become healthier if you focus on long-term health goals.

Embracing change is never easy. Whether it is diet, lifestyle, or something else, preferences change and your body changes, too. As a child you ate differently than now and today you’re not eating what you may eat in five years. Whatever it looks like for you, go with it. Experiment, have fun, learn how to cook meals at home or go out and dine. Whatever you do, try to focus on the fun of it rather than making it like another job.

There are times when dietary and nutritional support are necessary to help you get your life on track. There is a fine line and balance between getting your health in order and eating right and going over the top. We help you find that balance in our recovery program to build a nutritional program that will suit your needs. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401