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Why Can’t I Keep My Emotions in Check at Work?

Why Can’t I Keep My Emotions in Check at Work?

Emotional intelligence is the art of how to succeed at keeping our emotions in check and using them to advance ourlives and those of others. It helps to understand how our emotions affect our actions on the job as well as how they influence the reactions of others. Emotions can run away with you if you are not careful, especially in the workplace. Learn some tips for how to check yourself at work to stay more grounded.

Wearing Emotions

When your emotions are laid bare and out there for all to see, it can feel like a difficult thing to keep them in check. Maybe your co-worker is not pulling their weight on the job, your boss is being difficult, and you are being asked to work late on last minute projects, taking time away from free time you need to decompress. These situations all test our patience and our emotions. Wearing your emotions on your sleeve at work can threaten your job security if you are not careful. If you become more aware of your feelings and gain control, you can work to keep them in check.


It is very important to identify and name your feelings. This will help bring them from the shadows so you can get a better grip. If you’re frustrated about a recent exchange with someone at work, try:

  • Writing down your feelings
  • Find constructive ways to blow off steam
  • Search for insights into solutions rather than dwell on the negative

Learn Strategies

When you educate yourself, you can become more aware of your emotions and tools you can use that will help you in the workplace. Taking note of how these things are handled will help you deal with difficult encounters while keeping emotions at bay.

Sounding Board

Sharing work-related challenges with others can be supportive and go a long way to diffusing emotions. Putting things in perspective can be very helpful. Finding a coach, counselor, or support group is one way to help release the challenging parts of your life in a safe space and find new strategies for coping.

Practice Self-Care

Nothing will stick unless you practice good self-care. Emotional fortitude is built up over time. The way you handle challenges at work varies depending on how well you’re taking care of yourself. Be sure you are eating healthy, getting exercise, and finding rest at night. This will help balance your emotions at work.

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