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Why Business Professionals Use Adderall for a Leg Up (and Why it Doesn’t Work)

Why Business Professionals Use Adderall for a Leg Up (and Why it Doesn’t Work)

People will seemingly do anything to get a boost, or get ahead, in the marketplace. Whether it is stepping on other people’s toes to get that promotion, or getting endless degrees to prove their mettle, it seems people are crazy about finding new ways to advance themselves at work. Business professionals are turning more and more to caffeine and brain-boosters to help them perform better, but some have taken a darker turn. Prescription drugs can help boost performance, but only in the short term, and not for the better. Drugs do not boost cognitive functioning. They may actually bring a higher cost and cost someone their career. Find out why professionals are turning to Adderall and how to seek help for a prescription drug addiction.

Workplace Habits

Stimulant use typically begins in college, or even before. Reaching the pinnacle of success in a person’s career is seen as the epitome of ‘making it,’ and it is often seen as heroic to work crazy hours, pull all-nighters and work all weekend. Building durable work habits is hard in that environment as it is not sustainable physically or emotionally. A motivational boost or drug-induced feeling can help people power through routine assignments that are uncomfortable and difficult. Setting up for success requires developing healthy routines and habits like sleeping more, eating healthy, and exercising. Some occupations just do not allow for the free time that is needed to make it all work and people fall into the trap of using Adderall to boost performance.

Work-Life Imbalance

To get a leg up in a highly competitive world, people are turning more to Adderall and other drugs. People feel they cannot get tenure at a college, make partner in a firm, launch a start-up, land a residency, or exceed sales goals without lots of hours. There is a cool cultural esthetic that has shaped up around Adderall and prescription drug use to fuel the work scene. Finding a balance at work and play is no small feat. To ‘have it all,’ people feel they have to work hard and put play or rest aside. The frenetic cycle of chasing everything will keep plates spinning only so long, until it all comes crashing down.

Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues

In spite of good choices, depression can creep up on many people. Maybe a person is in treatment and depression is mild enough to escape notice. Other than a discernible absence of oomph, and a sort of flattening out of one’s emotions, people feel OK feeling OK. Self-medication happens when that OK becomes not OK and even feels overwhelming or intense. Self-medicating a depression is not the best solution but it is one that people go towards to elevate their mood and help keep things rolling forward at work.

Seeking Help

One of the hardest things people can do is reach out and ask for help in time of need. In fact, people with addiction to prescription drugs or Adderall may not even realize they need help. It is usually a loved one or family member who assesses the need for hep. Perhaps a coworker recognizes addiction ha taken hold and is willing to step out and offer to get help. The first step that needs to take place is often detox. While detox is not the only step in the long journey of recovery, it helps move a person forward towards making a more extensive treatment plan. Dealing with the physical reality of addiction in the body can help uncover psychological reasons for addiction. A good detox program wil:

  • Set a solid foundation for recovery
  • Stabilize the mind and body
  • Monitor a person safely
  • Provide confidential, medically sound support and advice throughout the process

If a loved one struggles with addiction to Adderall or other prescription drugs, they likely will not stop without the help of a robust detox program that can provide medically necessary interventions and offer a safe place to heal. This is the first of many steps in the recovery journey, but is often the most crucial for success long term.

Serenity provides the right space to help you detox safely and with medical supervision that is right on top of your needs from the moment you set food in our doors. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober.  Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401