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Why Are Sober Bars the New ‘In’ Thing?

Why Are Sober Bars the New ‘In’ Thing?

Being in the city or the suburbs does not have to keep people in recovery from being social. It may be harder to find a place to go in the suburbs or a rural area, but there are new, fun ways kicking off sober living. Going to the usual night-on-the-town spots is usually off the table if it is triggering, so it may be time to ditch that idea in favor of a sober bar. Find out more about this new kid on the scene and how it may be able to help build a social life in sobriety.

Sober Bars

Recovering from addiction can feel like a lonely endeavor. Maybe friends are heading out for dinner and drinks, or colleagues are out on the town and wanted to connect but taking a pass felt easier than facing triggers all night. Places flooded with alcohol, like bars, are usually no-no’s in recovery because they are not safe spaces to connect with others. The temptations are too great and people are going to ask the inevitable ‘what are you drinking,’ and the answer may be some type of soda drink or water, which is a conversation stopper in a bar. When a person stops drinking, it can be hard to come up with a place to go to meet other people and hang out. Sober bars provide a wide range of nonalcoholic options for people, including:

  • Club soda and lime
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Virgin Daiquiris
  • Mock champagnes

Like any other bar, sober bars have plenty of games and entertainment. Pool tables, video games, TVs, darts, ping pong, and live bands provide something for everyone to do in a sober environment.

Safe Place to Socialize

Sober bars are not just for those in recovery. Many establishments have reached a broad audience, made up of different ages, genders, ethnicities or beliefs. Sober bars provide a safe, fun environment for pregnant women, people who do not drink for religious reasons or personal beliefs and those who are health conscious. Even people under 21 not legally allowed to drink enjoy the atmosphere of such a place. It can be a good, healthy way to socialize but it may not be for everyone. The very fact of being in a ‘bar’ environment can be triggering for some people in recovery. The key is to know the body’s and mind’s signs that it is being triggered and seek a way to find other alternatives to socializing outside of a ‘bar-like’ atmosphere.

The hardest goal to have in recovery is to remain sober. It is the only goal that matters, so protecting it is crucial. If you are feeling isolated, triggered, or just all over the place and need help getting your focus back on recovery (or started in the first place), call us. We are here to help you with our detox program designed to support your withdrawal symptoms and set you up for success in recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401