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Why Are Fatal Meth Overdoses up 500% in West Virginia?

There was once a time when the drugs you bought off the street were almost always what you had asked for and received. It’s just not the case any longer. You may think you are buying a gram of cocaine or methamphetamine, when in reality, you’re also getting a deadly dose of fentanyl. Small, clandestine “shake and bake” meth labs are dying out as Mexican cartels are trafficking-in batches of their own methamphetamine.

The difference between the cartels and the smaller American meth labs, is that the former is also adding fentanyl and heroin to the mix in an effort to more widely distribute the drugs throughout the country. This isn’t to say that smaller labs aren’t doing the same, but it is to say that there is a trend. Bottom line: you don’t know what you are buying until it’s too late. What began as a sweep of Mexican meth through the southwestern United States, has turned into a northeastern spread of the fentanyl-adulterated meth through Appalachia. Cartels are pushing heroin, meth, and cocaine in any way they can, and adding fentanyl is becoming common practice.

In West Virginia, a record-breaking 129 people have died from overdosing on meth this year. Half of these overdoses involve fentanyl, and that number is expected to climb as the state catches up on tallying its fatal overdose count. Fentanyl is still the leading cause of overdose deaths in West Virginia, and with it being used in methamphetamine, the death count will continue to rise. Not only is fentanyl in meth, it is also being found in cocaine.

In 2014, 57 cocaine overdose deaths were reported in West Virginia. In 2016,  West Virginia reported 126 cocaine-related deaths; the incidence of fentanyl in these cases is yet to be determined as the state is still catching up on its overdose death count. West Virginia isn’t the only state where people are dying from fentanyl and fentanyl drug combos. The opioid epidemic has touched every corner of the United States, as it continues its devastating warpath on communities nationwide. In California, some rural northern regions had per capita death rates as high as those in Appalachia. It doesn’t discriminate, people are dying everywhere.





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