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Why a Mindset Shift May Help Save Lives Post Rehab

Why a Mindset Shift May Help Save Lives Post Rehab

Advancements in technology have myriad benefits to behavioral health professionals as well as patients. The internet can be a great tool to help shift people’s mindsets post rehab but there are concerns that many people who go to rehab see that as the end goal. Addiction treatment does not end just because rehab is finished, in fact, recovery is only beginning.

Rehab Challenges

Getting started in rehab is one of the hardest challenges but once people make that choice, they are usually able to start making some progress. Unfortunately, that progress is incremental, like taking baby steps forward only to stumble backwards, then go forwards again. Focusing on the internet as a tool for aftercare can support patients who are struggling post rehab and need to make a mindset shift that recovery is only truly beginning once treatment ends. Coping with emotional, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of recovery takes dedication and focus, along with a supportive community.

Moving Forward

When a patient in a facility works through rehab, the work is not completed at the end of the program. The essential post-treatment aspects of recovery are where many people fall out of the program, lose touch with a support group, and end up relapsing. The internet can play a significant role in supporting people who struggle after treatment. Not only can it help locate services, but also support sobriety post-treatment. Some ways that people often find support in aftercare include:

  • Online support groups that meet both on and offline. This allows for privacy but also supportive discussions to take place amongst people who understand the journey
  • Finding people from other parts of the world and locally that connect with the same issues can make a patient realize this is not an issue they alone deal with
  • Integrate offline and online relationships so there is more than one way to connect

Finding meaningful interaction with others is only part of the equation when dealing with individuals in recovery. Post-rehab aftercare services can continue to provide great opportunities to grow and connect with themselves and others while also getting what they need to thrive. There are no guarantees in recovery, but there are tools and resources people can use to help them become more successful and not give up post rehab.

The experience of rehab is only the beginning. We strive to offer a safe environment where people can go through treatment, receive counseling, and other services designed to support a lasting recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401