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healthy eating in rehab

Which Foods Promote Detox?

The long-term effects of drug and alcohol abuse can usually be repaired, so long as you keep the drinking and using in your past. Medical detox is the first step in ridding your body of all the toxins; the days, weeks, and months that follow are also important to assist your body in healing itself. The saying, ‘You are what you eat,’ isn’t too far off base. If you eat junk, your body isn’t able to process it like it does an orange. Fighting off inflammation is important, and the following foods will help you do just that and detox in the process:

  1. Herbs and Spices – Not only do herbs and spices naturally enhance the flavor of food, but they also have powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties. Choose turmeric, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon. Cayenne pepper warms the body and causes you to sweat; fennel, parsley, turmeric, and rosemary have detoxification agents.
  2. Lean Protein – Lean proteins that are high in omega-3 fats are healthy options. Fish such as salmon, sea bass, steelhead, and black cod are the best choices, and eggs, skinless poultry, and grass-fed meats are also good options.
  3. Whole Grains – Look for slow-digesting grains, like brown rice, basmati rice, quinoa, and buckwheat. Slow-digesting means lessened blood sugar spiking, which can cause inflammation.
  4. Fruits and Veggies – You can’t go wrong with loading up your plate with dark, leafy greens. Go for spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, beets, peas, carrots, squash, and cauliflower. Fruits and berries such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apricots, pomegranates, peaches, cherries, and pink grapefruit are all high in flavonoids and carotenoids. Both of these agents have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that are crucial in warding off free radicals and toxicity.

Nutrition is extremely important, especially in early recovery. Even if you take baby steps in making adjustments to your diet, you will be helping your body heal the damage from past addiction. If you haven’t already, start exercising. Get the blood flowing, flush out the toxins, and start feeling stronger, one day at a time.




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