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Where Do You Go From Rock Bottom?

Addiction takes us to the absolute darkest pits of our souls. Anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol knows how lonely, devastating, and miserable the disease of addiction is and wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. When you’ve experienced this degree of pain, it’s no surprise that once you stop drinking and using, there really isn’t anywhere else to go but up.

If you are struggling right now, you don’t have to feel the way you do today, ever again. The vicious cycle of craving, then drinking or using, and withdrawal can finally end. Once it does, you will know a freedom like never before. Detox and treatment are the keys to feeling better, sooner. What else do you have to lose? Once you get into detox, you will likely be tapered off your drug of choice, so that the discomfort and danger of withdrawal is minimized. Your head will begin to clear, and you may start to wonder why you didn’t come sooner.

Good things start happening when you’re sober. People who stopped talking to you may begin answering the phone. Your friends and family may not be as angry with you as they were before you got sober. You won’t be spending money on drugs or alcohol, so you’ll have some leftover. You won’t go into a panic wondering where you left your car, or wake up in hospital with tubes in your arm. Someone may even want to hire you. The list is endless of the good that comes with sobriety, and all it takes is a little bit of willingness to achieve it.

For those of us already in recovery, the thought of going back to the throes of addiction is terrifying. We want nothing more than for those still suffering to experience the life we have been so freely given. If you want to know a freedom like you’ve never experienced, we can help you get there. All it takes is a phone call and your willingness to get well. Recovery is possible, start on your journey today.

Detox is a beginning and an end. As the beginning of a new life in recovery and the end of an era of pain caused by addiction, making the choice to attend clinical detox needn’t be a complicated one. The Serenity Detox Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers safe and comfortable residential detox with modern amenities and an environment that feels like home. Start the process today. Call us at: 866.294.9401