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Where Do You Find Resilience In Recovery?

A person would be hard-pressed to find a group of individuals more resilient than that of addicts and alcoholics. The sheer amount of adversity any one of us has faced is truly incredible. In fact, most of us shouldn’t even be alive, yet here we are. From living in the streets to holding a dying friend taking their last breath, we have seen it all. The ability to come back from the black hole of addiction and help others still struggling is unmatched.

It is common for friends and family to be shocked about what we have been through, and maybe even in disbelief of the experiences of our past. The ability to bounce back from the hardships we have faced, and go on to live successful lives in recovery is astounding. Recovery also teaches us to give back to others. It is incredible to see an addict who spent years in prison, turn his life around and bend over backwards just to help the next struggling person on their own journey in recovery.

For those of us who have been given a second (or third, fourth, and fifth) opportunity to live our lives as we were intended, we are wholly grateful. We know how bad it can get, and our drive to stay the course of freedom keeps us coming back. Treatment can offer you a second chance to discover who you really are, and will give you the ability to show others that recovery is possible. Those of us who have made it through addiction are survivors, and you can be a survivor, too.

If you are considering treatment, you are resilient. You do not have to let your story end on a dark, lonely chapter. Recovery is a new way of life that opens up a world of possibilities. We share our experience, strength, and hope with one another so that we can continue on our shared journey, helping those still struggling along the way. Your story can help others, too. Treatment is the best gift you can give yourself, and your family. Give us a call, recovery is possible, and your opportunity to be free from the chains of addiction awaits.

Detox is a beginning and an end. As the beginning of a new life in recovery and the end of an era of pain caused by addiction, making the choice to attend clinical detox needn’t be a complicated one. The Serenity Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers safe and comfortable residential detox with modern amenities and an environment that feels like home. Start the process today. Call us at: 866.294.9401